Ankle Weights – Everything you need to know

Ankle weights are a great way to add resistance training to strength routines.

They provide many benefitss for athletes, including performance enhancement and muscle strength.

In this post, we'll cover everything you need to know about ankle weights.

We will cover the different types of ankle weights available, as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

Finally, we will recommend some of the best ankle weights on the market today.

How heavy should ankle weights be?

The amount of weight to use for ankle weights Depends on fitness level and the type of exercise performed.

If you're just starting out, it is better to start with light weights and gradually increase the amount of weight you use as your strength improves.

This will help minimize the risk of injury and allow you to get the maximum benefit from your training.

For more experienced athletes, heavier weights will be necessary

To give you an idea, beginners start with correspondingly light weights, starting at 0,5 kilos.

If you are used to strength training, you can also test weights between 1 to five kilos or even more.

Some of the benefits of using light weights are

  • – Increased calorie burning
  • – Improved circulation
  • – Toned muscles
  • – Increased range of motion

best ankle weights

We list the best ankle weights sold in Amazon here.

The list is constantly updated and shows the “ankle weights” currently best sellers.

Sveltus Band

In stock
1 New From €8,99
free shipping
Last update: June 9, 2023 15:25

Above all, the Sveltus ankle weights guarantee a stable hold during all exercises.

Because they are also suitable for the wrist, they are narrower in general and also fit perfectly on smaller ones.

The Sveltus Weightlifting Bracelets & Anklets they are particularly popular with customers who want to take their training to the next level. They are perfect for increasing the muscles of the hands and arms.


In stock
1 New From €20,99
free shipping
Last update: June 9, 2023 15:25

Our Sportneer adjustable weights they are additional weights that are attached to the wrist or ankle by means of their velcro closure. They are used for both training and medical purposes.

The set is popular with customers doing full body exercises.

In addition, they are used by people who want to increase body weight in exercises.

REEHUT Ankle Weight

In stock
2 New From €24,09
free shipping
Last update: June 9, 2023 15:25

This weight set is suitable for anyone who wants to carry weights while exercising.

Su adjustable velcro band allows you to resize, so they won't slip even on a slim wrist. It also has an excellent price-performance ratio.


In stock
2 New From €27,99
free shipping
Last update: June 9, 2023 15:25

Sportneer is well known for his quality fitness products. This complete ankle weight set is for everyone who wants to continually shift weights.

Not only can you use different levels of weight for your wrists and ankles, you can also vary the weight between exercises and gradually increase your weight.

With a Velcro closure, the cuffs can be changed quickly and easily even during training.

 Sportneer (Sets 2 weights)

Sportneer ankle weights are the perfect choice when it comes to adjustable weights.

The individual weight bags can be easily removed so you can use a pair for your wrists and ankles. They are also easy to clean because the weights are removable.

These weight cuffs are particularly popular with customers who value variable training and want to introduce new stimuli into their routines.

Why use and buy ankle weights?

El use of ankle weights It not only improves your body shape, but also burns more calories per workout.

If someone wants to train and get stronger, they should not do without ankle weights under any circumstances.

They are cheap to buy and they can be used for a wide variety of exercises thanks to the different weight classes and adapted to your own body.

In conclusion, ankle weights are a great way to improve your exercise routine and help you achieve your goals.

Make sure to start slowly and gradually increase the amount of weight you use to minimize the risk of injury.

With regular use, you'll see improved muscle tone, increased calorie burning, and improved circulation.

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