Customize your Aeris long distance triathlon suit with INVERSE

It is a custom model and a great option for clubs

INVEST, a Spanish brand of reference in the world of sports equipment and with more than 50 years of history in the manufacture of sportswear, it has a specific range of triathlon ideal for short and long distance.

Proof of this is a specific section of high end triathlon suits so they can be personalized

Is Aeris model and it is the one used by the 2020 Spanish Champion of medium distance triathlon Laura Gomez.

Being a custom model It is a great option for clubs since you have to make a minimum order of 10 units.


We tell you some of the most remarkable characteristics of this triathlon suit

Aeris triathlon suit with INVERSE
triathlon suit Aeris INVERSE

Open top

The upper part can be completely opened to increase ventilation and to access 2 interior pockets placed in the front area.

Stretchy and breathable fabric

The fabric is very elastic and breathable. This guarantees a total adaptation of the garment to the body and a rapid expulsion of moisture.

Clamping bands

At the end of the sleeve it has an elastic band with silicone dots inside to keep it well attached to the arm.

It also has a micro-perforated leg band with a silicone grip on the inside and with reflective dots on the outside to increase safety.

Laura Gómez competing in Bilbao
@ susanaetxebarria / Laura Gómez competing in Bilbao

Repels water

In the lumbar area it has mesh pockets that quickly expel water.

Use LYCRA SPIRIT to delay muscle fatigue

This type of fiber manages to keep lactic acid under control, delaying muscle fatigue during exercise and provides an excellent protection factor against ultraviolet rays.


The flat seams that compose it help to increase the comfort of the triathlete and also provide an attractive design.

Eco-friendly inks

The inks used for personalization are environmentally friendly. Ideal for high-level triathletes with a thin complexion.

Summary table of characteristics

Features Aeris INVERSE triathlon suit
Features Aeris INVERSE triathlon suit

You can consult more information about this jumpsuit and request a quote in the INVERSE official page


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