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Multipower presents the new energy drink Red Kick

On more than one occasion do you feel you need a push in the pre and during? Are you one of those who use caffeine gels or similar to prepare, not decay or keep up the pace of the race?

We present the instant solution in drink: Red Kick, the new drink of Multipower which, unlike a classic energy drink, introduces the right proportion of carbohydrates (85g) and minerals, along with a high intake of caffeine and taurine.

Your translation “Red ball", says it all. The new drink is positioned as the ideal ally for those looking for a extra thrust and adrenaline rush while they are doing sports activity. When presented in a liquid format (powder mixed with water) it guarantees an instant absorption by sips and that the concentration in performance is activated from the first moment.

Fail with an energy of these properties becomes practically a utopia and in days of fatigue or accumulation of volume, it can be the "boost" you need.

The composition of the drink is nourished by a high complex of vitamins (B, C and E) together with essential minerals in sweating such as sodium. In addition, in order to improve performance and delay the onset of fatigue, the beverage incorporates an 1,6% guarana extract (0,24g guarana per service) which also makes it the most recommended beverage for before a race or important training, since it gives you that spark that you need and that you want to maintain with agility. The rest of the energy percentage is 4,8% pure caffeine (0,72g per service).

It is not a drink that gives tachycardia or alters the stress peaks, it is simply a stimulating drink for lovers of stronger emotions that, at the same time, replenishes the lost electrolytes and carbohydrates. In fact, its activating effect is sustained release when few amounts are taken continuously. It is not like a vial of guarana that has concentrated caffeine and is taken at a stretch.

The taste of Red Kick is also a novelty at Multipower, when innovating with a flavor of “multifrutas”With high antioxidant value, when red fruits predominate in the recipe. The recommended dose is only 15grams per 500ml drum service, always mixing with water, which ensures a concentrated effect to give the "desired ball". In total, a single pot gives 33 uses, a much larger amount than any other Multipower beverage.

Until now, Red Kick had only been sold in single-dose bottles. This summer, take the step forward in the Endurance world. So… do your best in both training and career and benefit from the new natural push from Multipower!

* Red Kick can be taken with other supplements such as gels, bars and vitamins. The combined use with the guarana vial is accepted provided that the recommended daily dose is not exceeded.

Dose: 500g for 33 services in 500ml drum.

RRP: € 16,99 at point of sale.

Promotional price in www.multipower.es as launch: € 14,99.

More info: http://www.multipower.com/es/product/red-kick

Red Kick in bottle unidoses (500ml)

You can also get the concentrate in single dose bottles of 500ml with the same proportion of ingredients but in two flavors: multifrutas and green tea.

More info: http://www.multipower.com/es/product/green-kick


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