You are going to participate in Swim Run and do not have neoprene? Zone3 Versa the best option to get started.

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The swim Run is a discipline from the Nordic countries where multiple stretches of running and swimming in open water are combined. 

If you are a sports nut, surely you have ever considered participating in a race Swim Run, where swimming is interspersed in open waters with running.

For the practice of this sport, leading brand of neoprene in the world of Triathlon, Zone3, has launched its bet for the Swim Run with the Neoprene Versa, for those who want to start in this sport at an incredible price.

This neoprene is based on the Zone3 Evolution, making a reduced version for newcomers to this sport,

Costume It is designed for swimming and running, combining a neoprene of great fit with the advantage of equipping leg panels with great flexibility for comfortable running and a front zip for better lung expansion and breathability in the race.

Some of the characteristics by which the Versa is a great option

  • Costume entry level didesigned specifically for newcomers to Swim-Run or those with a limited budget.
  • With a New and innovative breathable neoprene fabric.
  • Take advantage of Zone3 experience as one of the first and best-selling brands in the Swim-Run market.
  • possibility of separate sleeves of 2 mm to allow more freedom of movement, as well as temperature control and protection, 
  • Bright colors for great visibility.
  • Two internal pockets on the front y an external pocket big on the back.


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