Neoprene Zone 3 Vanquish

Founded by the elite triathlete James Lock,  3 Zone  is a British company specialized in triathlon. The neoprene Vanquish It is not only the choice of some of the best triathletes in the world but also some of the most experienced, regardless of their level of swimming.



Long-distance triathletes love the Vanquish for its maximum comfort and flexibility in shoulders and those of short distance for its speed and buoyancy.


Here we tell you some of its main characteristics.


It is designed with a ultra thin panel One piece on the shoulders, which extends from elbow to elbow.


This gives you a maximum flexibility Which helps increase the distance by stroke, save energy and minimize any pain in the shoulder.


Vanquish uses the latest technology in materials, which combined with a large panel design,  ensures maximum flexibility and a balanced dynamism.


It also uses technology Aerodome, inserting air bubbles between the layers, providing up to 30% more buoyancy than a conventional neoprene. They are located in the upper chest to help maintain trajectory, essential when swimming in open water, and also in the thighs to help preserve the basic muscles of the legs. 


The Vanquish neoprene, uses Bands Pro Speed in arms and legs, which allows taking off the neoprene in a more agile way, ensuring faster transitions.


 Another characteristic to mention, is the use of Speed ​​Channels in the chest, which serves to divert the flow and direct more water to the legs, thus increasing natural buoyancy and improving momentum with each kick.


 3D Panels located on the forearms increase the area of ​​the arm that is in contact with the water with each stroke. More propulsion means more speed.


 A new "V" neck shape, maintains the position of the neoprene on the sides and allows a lower and more comfortable fit in the front, avoiding chafing unwanted


Vanquish has been designed with a zip opening up to get even faster transitions and that has a protection to prevent accidental opening during the race.


 In conclusion, it is a Neoprene for those who seek to compete with the best of their ability and save time and energy during swimming

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