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New BH Quartz Aero Disc. Aerodynamics, performance and comfort for all users

The Quartz range has been the great revelation of the BH road catalog

A comfortable bicycle, designed so that fans can spend long days of cycling with her, used to be at odds with maximum performance. And completely forgot the aerodynamics, a concept that was restricted to models of pure competition.

Until now. The new BH Quartz Aero Disc road bikes come to the market to break schemes. Nobody escapes that the Quartz range has been the great revelation of the BH road catalog. Your riding comfort and your excellent rigidity-weight ratio they have placed them as anpreferred lesson of most cyclists. Those who are not addicted to competition but who are used to marches of all kinds. Passionate people willing to spend the whole weekend giving pedals have found in the BH Quartz their ideal companions.

BH has positioned itself as a benchmark in terms of developing new geometries for its bicycles. Just take a look at the changes they introduced in their 29 MTB "years ago and that are now a global trend.

La BH Quartz has served to translate a rational geometry designed for the type of off-road user that dominates the weekend squads. Or the exit grills of the great background evidence of the entire planet.

The main premise is clear, to achieve a comfortable bicycle. In the new Quartz Aero Disc we find a pipe of longer direction, which allows a less forced position maintaining a slim aesthetic. It is a key piece in the feeling of confidence and stability going down.

To keep the character alive in the ascents and accelerations, the back is very short and combined with a saddle tube, also short, that achieve a relaxed cyclist position and optimal reactivity.

Geometry is the heart of any bicycle and in the BH Quartz it is taken care of with care. The use of a 27,2mm seatpost contributes to having a Additional point of vibration filtering, thanks to the controlled movement of this one before impacts. If we add that they allow to mount covers of up to 32 mm, it is clear that the Quartz are bicycles ready for the most demanding terrain.

950 grams (in a size M) It is the number that many will want to know. The weight of the frame of the BH Quartz Aero Disc. In it, everything learned in the G7 and Ultralight models has been applied.

All its forms have also been treated with the aim of optimizing its aerodynamic performance to the maximum, an effort that is not usual in a Grand Fund bicycle. But, if it is useful for limonar seconds to the chrono or to save forces, why not use it on any bicycle? The BH Quartz Aero Disc model goes even further. It has created a front protective cover that maximizes the aerodynamic qualities of the frame, fits perfectly with the aero fork created by BH and completely hides the wiring. A plus that is also noted in the aesthetic section.

Version BH Quartz Aero Disc equips flat mount brackets for brake calipers, with full integration into the frame line and compatibility with 140 or 160 mm discs. You had never braked so safely and easily on a road bike. This model uses 12 through shafts mm (100 mm wide front and 142 mm rear) to achieve unprecedented rigidity.

All models use the BB386 EVO bottom bracket, the measure that has an extra width that allows "tubes" of greater diameter. More rigidity and less weight. If you choose a group Shimano Di2 the battery will be completely hidden inside the seatpost. Yes, the BH Quartz have not left any details at random.

The BH Quartz range is divided into two versions, the Quartz Aero Disc and the Quartz Aero. Each of them has different 4 mounts to cover any price range, starting from 1.899 €. The chosen decorations and colors close a pack that turns the BH Quartz into the queens of the great background

Further information: https://www.bhbikes.com/es_ES/quartz_aero_disc

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