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The new BH Ultralight EVO bets on aerodynamic lightness

It is completely updated with new lines inspired by the successful BH Aerolight.

It remains a reactive and light bike, like its predecessor, but with substantial aerodynamic improvements to its shapes. The new BH Ultralight EVO is more versatile than ever

Within the range of BH road bikes, the Ultralight EVO stands as a benchmark for high competition. A bike with a clear goal: to fly uphill.

For this, it is essential that the weight is minimal, that the rigidity is exceptional and that the position is perfect to convert each of our watts into movement.

To all those aspects that have marked the Ultralight saga since its inception, integration and aerodynamics are now added.

Known lightness in the BH Ultralight EVO

The pillar of the BH Ultralight EVO is lightness. It is BH's lightest road frame and it embodies all the brand's technology in the treatment of carbon.

The Hollow Core Internal Molding manufacturing process, used in the best BH carbon bicycles, is also key in this model and allows a frame to be obtained without excess material inside and to control the thickness of each area to the millimeter.

It is the way to achieve the best rigidity-weight ratio.

Improved rigidity, key in the BH Ultralight EVO

If lightness is vital on ascents, rigidity is no less so. To achieve optimal rigidity, the BB386 EVO bottom bracket size is used, BH's own standard, which increases the width of the bottom bracket to 86,5 mm and this allows the use of larger tubes in critical areas.

In practice, it means greater rigidity without any increase in weight.

The rear stays receive a new design, inspired by the Aerolight, with a curvature that makes them even more compact to be more rigid without adding weight.

In addition, they improve vibration filtering and enhance the acceleration capacity that has always characterized this climbing bike model.

Air Bow fork: new aesthetics and new aerodynamic properties

The BH Aerolight debuted the Air Bow fork, with a new design that gives more free space to the wheel to promote air flow and improve aerodynamics.

These same advantages are now added to the BH Ultralight EVO which, for the first time in its history, pays special attention to its aerodynamic performance.

Not only that, the characteristic shapes of the fork completely change its aesthetic presence and now the BH Ultralight EVO has more personality than ever.

It should be noted that each size has an exclusive fork offset, suitable to achieve the best driving.

Integration, the new trend to which the BH Ultralight EVO joins

Visually the BH Ultralight EVO is cleaner and more stylish than ever. Not just because of its new Air Bow fork.

It uses the completely internal wiring system and there is not a cable in sight. The headset and handlebar set follow continuous lines that improve aerodynamics.

A fully integrated, completely hidden from view seat clamp system has been added. And it's still practical and easy to adjust.

An important detail is the use of through axles on the wheels with the Quick Lever system. They have an opening lever that is camouflaged inside the shaft itself.

This means that we do not need tools to open or close them despite the fact that, visually, there is no trace of the removable lever.

Prices, assemblies and customization in the BH Ultralight EVO

The BH Ultralight EVO range consists of 4 models with a starting price of €5699,9 and all of them can be customized through the BH Unique program.

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