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NEW POWER LAYER by Multipower: the most crunchy protein

Multipower wants to present you the new bar Power Layer, with very high level of protein per unit: 20 grams. It is going to revolutionize protein consumption because it is delicious and crunchy, and totally free of artificial colors. Is there a better way to replenish protein than in the form of a snack?

The protein does not have to taste bad, nor force you to consume shakes. Multipower launches Power Layer - the first crunchy protein bar on the market - with a protein 33% (20 grs.), Essential as part of your training routine.


Is comprised of 4 chocolate layers, crispis, hazelnut y candy, with chocolate coating. You will have the sensation of consuming a delicious snack, as tasty as the Nutella or Twix. In fact, it is an ideal protein bar after training, free of artificial colors and aspartame - a very controversial sweetener, since many studies warn about the risks to health.


It has been qualified as "The most addictive protein bar"For the Focus Rapiro MTB RacingTeam.

The protein is the base of the muscular structure, and therefore, it is paramount for the health. In terms of sports performance, it can be a source of energy. Our body can not store it, so a constant contribution is essential, especially if we pursue one of these two objectives: lose weight or gain muscle mass.


In the first case, the intake of protein in adequate proportions favors the construction of muscle mass after training and increases the caloric expenditure. In addition, it has a high satiating power and reduces appetite.


Regarding the gain of muscle mass, in combination with a training ofintensive force clearly contributes to the growth of your muscles ... And your success! Taste: Hazelnut-chocolate-caramel.Dosis: 1-2 bars daily, preferably one of them after the training

Weight: 60 gr.PVP: 2,50 €

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