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New cycling helmet Rudy Proyect STRYM

The Strym is a model for all types of users, with 8 colors available and top-end construction

Rudy Project he just launched his new helmet Strym, a model that looks and feel of top of range and mid-range price. A model that has a softer and less aggressive aesthetics that other models of the Italian brand and that has everything necessary to become one of the most successful models of Rudy Project.

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The Rudy Project Strym helmet has been designed with the pRotection and comfort as maximum premises. Fleeing to a certain extent from the racing look of other models, its aesthetics is more neutral y suitable for all kinds of uses. It has double in-mold construction and its design makes the lightness accompany this model. It has 16 air intakes to maintain optimal ventilation

For its fixation to the head, the Rudy Project Strym helmet has the brand RSR 10 system that offers micrometric adjustment so that it is perfectly attached to our head. This system integrates very well with all the internal pads so that it is practically invisible. An effort has been made in the design of the front to minimize sweating. It also has a grid at the front entrances to prevent insects from entering.

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