The new ROTOR 1 × 13 group for Triathlon

It is the first 1x 13-speed groupset designed to assist triathletes

The ROTOR brand has presented its new 1 × 13 group for triathlon , the first group 1x 13-speed designed to help triathletes achieve their goals in both running and training.

As with the Road and MTB versions From the 1 × 13 group, the speed range offers athletes the scomplete sequence of a 2 × 11 group without fallibility failures ni wind resistance of a front derailleur.

The ROTOR 1 × 13 TT group offers the vFull aerodynamics of a 1x system.


The ROTOR 1 × 13 TT group is designed to become the standard for aerodynamic efficiency in triathlon.

Together with Q RINGS® oval chainrings and potentiometers, ROTOR offers triathletes the best solution for training and competition.

Single-plate systems are aerodynamically more efficient than comparable 2x optionsYes, since we removed the volume from the clearly non-aero dynamic front derailleur.

When used with the Aero, Spider MAS chainrings or INspider potentiometer, the 1 × 13 TT groupset offers the most wind protection benefits.

Aero biomechanics

From work closely with amateur and professional triathletes, in addition to many bicycle professionals, improve posture, comfort and cadence is key to control the performance on the bike.

In recent years, biomechanics have discovered that they can increase ergonomics in the most aerodynamic positions without compromising hip angle By opting for a shorter connecting rod size, ROTOR has supported this trend.

They offer the greatest variety of crank lengths on the market to satisfy this need.

All the ALDHU® cranks are available from 150 to 175 mm, all compatible with the INspider potentiometer, for maximum training efficiency.

With the ROTOR chainringsAvailable in round and oval, and the OCP (Optimal Plate Position) configuration, triathletes can access T2 with less lactic acid build-up and cooler legs.

Using the true cadence gear technology, have developed a range of four 13-speed cassettes and four 12-speed cassettes.

They use their huge investigation Camp on cyclists habits for develop cadence changes optimal in real situations, with sequences of a tooth in the first seven sprockets.

This allows cyclists maintain a perfect cadence, iEven with very subtle power changes.

The ultimate goal is an athlete whose performance is optimized through comfort and aerodynamic gains, and ROTOR 1 × 13 TT offers this to its customers.

New push button

The hydraulic drive system is a perfect and highly reliable option for the athlete who prefers to exercise instead of servicing their bike.

  •  A push button moves up and down, with a short touch that lowers a tooth and a long touch that raises a tooth, all without moving your hand from the extensions
  • With unprecedented smoothness in all conditions, the watertight system is unaffected by drinks, gels, or wet clothing that can drip down the frame and into the transmission.

Components 1 × 13 TT

Rear derailleur and push button:

  •     Aerodynamic more streamlined internal routing.
  • The hose runs through the interior of the extensions and joins directly with the shift, eliminating any interference and offering the most advanced routing for the most sophisticated TT bike.
  • Technologies such as the Go to origin button or the Quick Extract, the quick release system releases the tension on the shifter for easy removal and installation of the rear wheel with disc brake.

1x plate:

  • With just a chainring, the bike is naturally lighter, and again avoids the problems associated with front derailleurs.
  • In addition, the option of having the entire speed range available with the flick of a finger means that athletes can maintain their aerodynamic position longer.
  • Option for Q RINGS®: after decades studying pedaling efficiency, we have developed the only patent for oval chainrings - with an ovality of 12.5% ​​- with adjustable position thanks to the OCP Mount system, for better performance and greater protection of both the back like the knees of cyclists.
  • They maintain the option of a classic round chainring, however the benefits of the Q RINGS® chainrings have been observed to see how the performance of thousands of cyclists has increased over the years.
  •    • Aero spider and chainring options: Made specifically with triathletes in mind, the shape and curve of these pieces reduce wind resistance, as well as bringing elegance and simplicity to the bike.

Connecting rods and potentiometers:

  •    Available with ALDHU®, 2INpower® or the new INspider options.
  • All ROTOR potentiometers accurately record power, cadence, TORQUE 360, and optimal platter angle (OCA), and can recommend an optimal platter position (OCP).
  • All ROTOR potentiometers come with patented INpower® software to help riders maximize efficiency and time on the bike, as well as being ANT + and Bluetooth compatible, so they work with any head unit.

13v cassette:

  • The range of four 13v cassettes and four 12v cassettes are meticulously CNC machined with obsessive quality control to deliver an unprecedented weight / performance ratio.
  •  While the 13s cassette requires space from our ROTOR 13v hub, the 12s cassette allows riders to access the ROTOR 1 × 13 groupset, while maintaining their wheels with a traditional HG 11s hub hub.

Hub 13s:

  • They have designed a specific 13-speed hub expanding the hub space to meet the standards of the disc brake frames.
  • This design supports cross spoke tension, drop torque, bearing load capacity, and cassette traction.
  • Tight bushing tolerances ensure durability against continuous exposure to dirt, moisture, and mud.
  • The superior, high-performance, lightweight bushings designed to last a lifetime.


  • ROTOR 1 × 13 TT works with a standard 12v gap.
  • They have partnered with market leader KMC to provide riders with the best durability and stretch resistance, even in rapidly changing conditions.

ROTOR 13s Wheels:

  • The tubeless-compatible 50mm carbon wheels made in Europe have been specifically designed for 13s hubs and cassettes, and are assembled by their own production team.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications ROTOR group 1x13
Technical specifications ROTOR group 1 × 13


Prices ROTOR group 1x13
ROTOR group 1 × 13 prices

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