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New book on training: «Manual for training endurance sports»

The book serves both coaches and athletes.

A market has come out new book aimed at endurance sports training. With a super practical and easy to read formatThis book is not intended to be a broad compendium of the huge and controversial current knowledge, but has been deliberately intended to be simple.

The book is for both coaches and athletes. It aims to start from the practice and the processes to follow when developing a program, with clear global ideas. And if this arouses your concern, the reader is encouraged to dig deeper into the specific insights.

Manual for Training Endurance Sports

New book on training: «Manual for training endurance sports»

4 differentiated parts

Throughout 320 pages, the reader will discover four distinct parts. The first of them, "The business model and attention to athletes”, Is intended exclusively for coaches who want to consider their work as a profession.

The second and third, "Criteria for dosing loads" Y "Steps to follow to develop a program”, Show the theoretical aspects of knowledge. While the fourth and last part, "Theoretical-practical bases on different aspects of the training process”, Presents in short chapters the base and the complement of what was previously developed.

These small and practical chapters will arouse great interest in the reader:

- Principles of sports training.
- Structure of a session.
- Polarized training.
- Fine tunning.
- Interaction of energy and power production systems.
- Applied nutrition.
- Nutritional periodization.
- Psychology.
- Hormonal aspects.
- Aspects of women.
- Action against injuries.
- Post-activation enhancement.
- Technique of lifting, jumping and throwing.
- Swimming technique.
- Race technique.
- Biomechanics of the cycling position.
- Management of teams of different levels.
- Justification of the ECOS model to quantify the load.

Detailed information

Authors: Claudia Cardona, Roberto Cejuela, Jonathan Esteve, Arturo Casado, Almudena Fernández Vaquero, Diego Moreno Pérez, Eneko Larumbe Zabala, Alberto Alcocer Gamboa, Daniel A. Boullosa Álvarez, Enrique Planelles Marcos, Yago Alcalde Gordillo, Iker Muñoz Pérez, José López Chicharro, Pedro Reinaldo García, Manuel Antonio Cervera Cetina, Rodrigo Osorio Ramírez, Sergio Gómez Suárez, José Enrique Quiroga Díaz
Edit: All in your mind
Theme: Sports training
ISBN: 9781074568122

Paper format: Soft cover
Size: 17 x 24,4 cm
Number of pages: 320
Price: € 27,07

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