The new Garmin cycling radars VariaT RVR315 and RTL515

These radars will help to see and be seen by vehicles

 Garmin bets on bicycle safety and throw two new radars for cyclists that will help them see and be seen by vehicles when they roll on the road.

 These new models stand out for being trained to cconnect directly with a smartphone and using the Varia ™ application, send visual and auditory alerts about the proximity of vehicles. In addition, they are compatible with third-party applications, allowing them to be combined with other functionalities.

Varia RTL515 and RVR315 continue the range of Garmin's already well-known and revolutionary Varia radars, which have become an indispensable part of the equipment of many amateur and professional cyclists, thanks to the safety they provide.

 These devices are born in order to help cyclists, giving them greater security by being able to see and be seen by other vehicles when they roll on the road.

Specifically, they are trained to warn the cyclist if a vehicle is approaching from behind up to a distance of 140 meters and, in the case of the Varia RTL515 model, also has rear light that, through a change in its flash, Allows drivers of vehicles to be alerted to the presence of the cyclist up to 1,6 km away.

 Direct alerts to the smartphone

Both can be paired with Edge® cycle computers and, as a novelty, it is also possible to communicate directly with a smartphone (by downloading the Varia ™ application).

In this sense, the mobile screen can be used as the main screen to view the different alerts sent by the Varia ™ radar, or keep this information in the background, making it visible only when the radar sends alerts.

 Bicyclists will receive visible and audible alerts that will warn them of vehicles approaching from behind, up to 140 meters away, as well as the level of risk through a color code.

A green notice will appear on your phone, which means everything is fine; in amber, when a vehicle approaches; or in red, in the event that a car approaches at high speed.

In addition to visual alerts, they will also have tone and vibration alerts to know when a vehicle is approaching.

Platoon mode one of the novelties

 For their part, cyclists who choose Varia ™ RTL515 will have added functionality: different modes and intensities of backlight for day or night riding, among which the platoon mode, which provides a low intensity flash and, therefore, it does not impair the visibility of other cyclists while riding in a group.

Compatible with third-party applications

Similarly, and when used with a compatible smartphone, Varia ™ RVR315 and RTL515 can also work alongside popular third-party applications, such as Ride with GPS, allowing cyclists to overlay their maps with alerts. rear view radar.

 Another distinctive point in these radars is their attractive and compact vertical format design, which makes it easy to mount on the saddle of most road bikes and, at the same time, allows more legroom, which has a very comfortable pedaling effect.

 Finally, Varia ™ RVR315 offers up to seven hours of autonomy, while Varia ™ RTL515 reaches 16 hours in blink mode during the day and up to six hours in fixed mode at night.

 For more information on the features, prices and availability of all its products, as well as its actions and sponsorships, visit the websites,

 Varia ™ RVR315:

PVPR: 149,99 euros (VAT included)


Varia ™ RTL515:

PVPR: 199,99 euros (VAT included)


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