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SPEEDPLAY SYZR pedals, the best option for mountain biking

The SYZR pedals for MTB, CX and Gravel are the most advanced option for your mountain bikes. 

In an increasingly technical environment and with more advanced technological solutions, it seems false that the pedal, where the force transfer between cyclist and machine is made, has undergone so few transformations to improve its performance in mountain versions.

And is that   the traditional pedals for gravel or mtb They suffer three serious problems:

  • Transmission of force It is done by contacting the rubber of the sole of the shoe with the metal part of the pedal, with the consequent loss of strength.
  • The high buoyancy and mobility of the foot which results in a feeling of lack of connection with the pedal and the bicycle and more power losses and driving precision.

Some images of the pedals

The limited adjustment possibilities to each person who does offer the road cycling pedals.

The SYZR pedals have solved this problem thanks to a new design of the pedal body and the cleat that is housed in it. In this way, the SYZR enables that:

  • The cleat makes the force directly on the pedal. That is metal against metal, without any possibility of deformation or loss in the transfer of force. In parallel, this also allows an entry and exit of the cleat easier since there is no friction with the rubber of the sole of the shoe.
  • There is no flotation thanks to the 4 points of support of the cleat once it is housed in the pedal, allowing a better application of the force, greater riding comfort and better driving sensations.
  • Multiple adjustment possibilities thanks to different lengths of the pedal axis and platforms to place on the pedal body and achieve different degrees of elevation in case of different lengths of the legs.

The SYZR pedals for MTB, CX and Gravel are the most advanced option for your mountain bikes. 

Take a look at the video and you will appreciate it better

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