PIRELLI launches P ZERO RACE TLR RS: high-performance RACING tire

Pirelli, one of the most prestigious brands in the world of cycling, has presented its latest innovation: the P ZERO RACE TLR RS (Racing Speed) tire.

This road cycling tire represents the pinnacle of engineering and performance, designed specifically for racing bikes and riders looking to achieve pro-level performance levels.

The P ZERO RACE TLR RS has been officially adopted by the World Tour Lidl-Trek team starting with the May 14 stage of the 107th Giro d'Italia.

Both the women's and men's teams of the US team have been using this tire since the start of the season under the #prototype tag, accumulating more than 70 podiums, including 30 notable victories such as the recent one on stage number 4 of the Giro d'Italia.

This new model is the most advanced evolution of the P ZERO Race tires, manufactured at the Pirelli plant in Milan-Bollate.

Using the SmartEVO2 blend, the original formula has been improved at a chemical and process level, allowing significant advances in terms of performance.

The patented SpeedCORE™ casing technology is applied in a lighter version, with revised thicknesses in the tread and structural fabric layers, significantly reducing rolling resistance by 16% compared to the P ZERO RACE TLR, which already offered exceptional performance.

SmartEVO2 and SpeedCORE™: Key Innovations

The SmartEVO2 mixture stands out for its advanced formula that optimizes the balance between grip, durability and rolling resistance.

This compound allows riders to maintain consistent performance even in demanding conditions.

On the other hand, SpeedCORE™ technology provides a shell structure that is not only lighter, but also stronger, guaranteeing a faster and safer ride.

Features Description
Product name P ZERO RACE TLR RS
Type of Use Road cycling, competition
Mixing Technology SmartEVO2
Housing Technology SpeedCORE™
Rolling Resistance Reduction -16% compared to the P ZERO RACE TLR
Weight : Lighter than previous models thanks to the optimization of fabric thicknesses and layers
Key Benefits Higher performance, lower rolling resistance, improved stability and speed
Professional Teams Adopted by the World Tour Lidl-Trek team
Successes with the Product More than 70 podiums, including 30 victories
Manufacturing Pirelli plant in Milan-Bollate
Application Used since today's stage of the 107th Giro d'Italia
Improvements Compared to the Previous Model Advanced chemical formula, lighter casing, lower rolling resistance, revised structure
Featured by Athletes Greater stability on technical descents, better performance in demanding competitions
Expert Comments Significant reduction in rolling resistance, high durability and consistent performance

Adoption and Successes of the Lidl-Trek Team

The World Tour Lidl-Trek team, known for its focus on innovation and excellence, has proven the effectiveness of the P ZERO RACE TLR RS in the most demanding competitions.

With more than 70 podiums and 30 victories, the tire has proven to be a crucial ally for professional cyclists. Mads pedersen y Build Mollema, prominent members of the team, have praised the stability and speed provided by this revolutionary tire.

Quality and Production in Milan-Bollate

The Milan-Bollate plant, dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of high-end tires, is the core where the P ZERO RACE TLR RS are developed and perfected.

Pirelli's commitment to quality is reflected in every stage of production, from material selection to final quality control. This approach ensures that each tire meets the most demanding standards of professional cycling.

More information https://www.pirelli.com/tyres/es-es/bicicleta/cubiertas/catalogo/p-zero-race-tlr 

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