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PIRELLI launches the first bicycle tire with FSC® certified natural rubber

Pirelli has announced that it is launching the world's first bicycle tire that uses natural rubber certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®).

The Pirelli P Zero Race TLR RS, already in use by the World Tour team Lidl Trek, is an outstanding example of how technology and ecology can merge to deliver exceptional results.

FSC® certification ensures that the rubber used comes from plantations managed in a way that preserves biodiversity and improves the living conditions of local communities and workers.

Developed at Pirelli's advanced Milan-Bollate plant, which has been completely modernized for this purpose, the P Zero Race TLR RS stands out for its superior competition performance.

Designed for excellent grip characteristics in varied climates, precise handling and significantly reduced rolling resistance, this tire is ideal for the world's most demanding races.

Key features

Here we leave you a detailed table of the characteristics of the Pirelli P Zero Race TLR RS tire

Feature Description
Material FSC® certified natural rubber
Specific development Designed for cycling competitions
Climatic adhesion Excellent handling in any weather conditions
Road performance Optimized handling during braking, acceleration and cornering
Rolling resistance Very low, with optimization of the weight and internal layers of the tire
Weight : Reduced by 8% compared to previous models
Tread efficiency 16% improvement in rolling resistance
Technology Tubeless-ready, allows a tubeless installation that improves performance
Production Manufactured in the modernized Pirelli plant in Milan-Bollate
Environmental commitment Contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and benefits local communities and workers
Availability On sale at major resellers worldwide
Visible certification FSC® logo engraved on the side of the tire

The impact of this innovation transcends cycling, also extending to the automotive world.

Pirelli pioneered the introduction of tires with FSC® certified natural rubber in 2021 with its line for the BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid and, more recently, for Formula 1 single-seaters in 2023.

Now, the company is leading the way in the cycling sector, promoting sustainable practices in an additional segment of its production.

Where to buy?

The P Zero Race TLR RS is now available in selected stores globally, allowing cycling enthusiasts and professionals to access the latest in tire technology, with the guarantee of sustainable origin, verified by the distinctive FSC® logo embossed on each unit.

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