Polar launches the new GRIT X Pro and two versions of the Polar Vantage V2

Polar, a leading brand in sports technology applied to sports and a pioneer in heart rate measurement, presents two attractive novelties for this end of the year.

The Outdoor product family grows with the arrival of the new Polar Grit X Pro y Polar Grit X Pro Titan.

On the other hand, the Vantage Series and specifically the Polar Vantage V2 model, renews its style by incorporating two attractive versions: Polar Vantage V2 Red y Polar Vantage V2 SHIFTTM Edition.

These novelties are launched on the market at the same time, at a time when the brand is more committed than ever to the athlete, accompanying them at every step with the most advanced Polar technology to help them achieve their goals.

Polar products have contributed to changing the relationship of the athlete with sports and outdoors. In 2020 Polar launched Polar Grit X, its great bet for lovers of outdoor sports. Inspiration for those people who were looking for the best way to come back stronger than ever in sports.

Since then, more and more people see nature as the perfect place to get in shape and improve themselves day by day.

The Outdoor market continues its expansion with great support from brands for offering products with specific functions that help the athlete in their training with safety and reliable data to improve their performance, analyze their night's rest and promote their recovery.

Each product is designed to empower the athlete to reach new goals, whatever the sport. Reliability and precision are the best of all Polar devices. Confidence in a training partner is essential to face any adventure.

Polar Grit X Pro

Polar Grit X Pro it is the perfect tool to explore new routes in complete safety.

It is a Premium Multisport Watch that incorporates the most advanced functions integrated into a robust device with an ultra-long-lasting autonomy.

  • STYLE - Elegance and robustness. Designed with premium materials, sapphire crystal lens and comfortable FKM made straps.
  • MILITARY ROBUSTNESS - Manufactured to withstand the most demanding conditions. Tested with military standards (MIL-STD-810G). Resistant to water (up to 100m) and extreme temperatures (-20 ° / + 50 °).
  • ULTRA-LONG LASTING BATTERY - Up to 40 hours of training (with GPS and heart rate recording activated max. Precision). Up to 100 hours with the different energy saving modes. Up to 7 days in watch mode with heart rate activated.
  • HEART RATE AND GPS RECORD - Polar Precision Prime ™ wrist pulse recording technology. System assisted by all GPS, Glonass, Galileo and QZSS satellites.
  • NAVIGATION FUNCTIONS - New route profiles and altimetry. Turn-by-turn directions with Komoot. Performance analysis on hills, hills and flats with the Hill Splitter ™ feature. Track Back function that indicates the way back home. Possibility of modifying the route at any time if you need to stop training.
  • ALWAYS ACTIVE OUTDOOR FUNCTIONS - New views always available: compass, location coordinates, weather and two-day forecast, sunrise and sunset, and daylight hours.
  • REFRESHMENT AND ENERGY - Automatic / manual notifications of liquid and solid refreshments thanks to the FuelWise ™ function. It distinguishes the different sources of energy consumed (proteins, carbohydrates and fats).
  • TRAINING LOAD PRO and RECOVERY PRO - Information about training load (muscular, cardiovascular, perceived) and recovery functions to avoid over and under training.
  • SLEEP AND RECOVERY - Sleep Plus Stages ™ and Nightly Recharge ™ functions record the quality and quantity of your night's sleep. They also show the phases of sleep (light, deep, REM) as well as the recovery of the body during the night.
  • RUNNINGPOWER - Automatically records running power during the session from the wrist and without the need for an external sensor through the built-in GPS and barometer.
  • PERFORMANCE TESTS - Running Test, Cycling Test, Leg Recovery Test, Orthostatic Test and Fitness Test. All these tests allow you to measure performance, analyze progress and customize training zones for running and cycling.
  • SMARTWATCH FUNCTIONS - Music controls, mobile notifications always available on the wrist (option to deactivate them).

Polar Grit X Pro Titan

These three versions of Polar Grit X are joined by one more option to choose from: Polar Grit X Pro Titan. For athletes who want all the functions of the Grit X Pro and who also especially value the lightness on their wrist.

With 12% less weight compared to Grit X Pro (73g vs 79g), this version made of aerospace titanium comes with two premium straps: one made of FKM and the other of micro-perforated leather.

Polar Vantage V2 SHIFTTM Edition and Vantage V2 Red

Since Polar Vantage V2released last year, many athletes and sportsmen have improved their performance thanks to advanced features and personalized training guides based on body data.

Now Polar expands its offering with two new additions to the Vantage family: Polar Vantage V2 SHIFTTM Edition y Polar Vantage V2 Red.

  • Polar Vantage V2 SHIFTTM Edition: the Premium Multisport Watch now comes in a special SHIFT versionTM available in two colors: silver and black. The pack includes two straps: an elegant one made of micro-perforated leather and the other made of ultra-resistant FKM. Transforming a sports heart rate monitor into a watch with a more urban look is now easier than ever. The new SHFT adapterTM It has a quick release mechanism compatible with any standard 22mm strap.
  • Polar Vantage V2 RedRed is a symbol of the brand and is now also the most visible of the Vantage Series range.

Software update

All new versions of Polar Vantage V2 as well as those currently on the market, will include the functions of the new Polar Grit X Pro. To obtain them it will be necessary to update the device with the latest software version via Polar Flow. Update date: October 20, 2021.

Polar Vantage V3.0 software update 2 will include the following features:

  • NAVIGATION FUNCTIONS - New route profiles and altimetry. Turn-by-turn directions with Komoot. Performance analysis on hills, hills and flats with the Hill Splitter ™ feature. Track Back function that indicates the way back home. Possibility of modifying the route at any time if you need to stop training.
  • OUTDOOR FUNCTIONS ALWAYS ON - New views always available: navigation functions, compass, location coordinates, barometer, weather and two-day forecast view, sunrise sunset, daylight hours.
  • HR SENSOR MODE - Polar Vantage V2 can be used as a heart rate sensor and transmit HR data via BLE to compatible cycling computers, gym machines and apps.

Additionally, Polar Vantage V2 users can convert their watch to Polar Vantage V2 SHIFT version.TM acquiring the SHIFT packTM as an accessory. This kit includes adapters and a selection of compatible 22mm straps.

At the end of the year, Polar Grit X users will also be able to update their device with some of the new features of Polar Grit X Pro, among which we highlight: music controls, possibility to change the route during training, Running Performance Test, weekly summary, HR sensor mode, and power-based training target creation.

Polar Vantage V2 Red

  • Price: 90€

Polar Vantage V2 Red with H10

  • Price: 90€

Polar Vantage V2 SHIFTTM Edition

  • Colors: Silver and Black
  • Price: 549.90€ 

SHIFT kitTM Edition (adapters and strap)

  • Price from 49.90 €

More info at https://www.polar.com/es/vantage/v2

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