POLAR RC3 GPS… Now with altimetry

POLAR presented the POLAR RC3 GPS in the autumn, one of the lightest and most compact integrated GPS devices on the market. Since its launch, users demanded the altimetry function that was available in www.polarpersonaltrainer.com, but since last week, the POLAR RC3 GPS already incorporates it in the same device.



POLAR has updated the RC3 GPS so that the user can visualize the altitude information during and after the training on the device's screen and also later, when downloading the data to the online training diary www.polarpersonaltrainer.com for a thorough analysis.


The update can only be done at the Polar Central Technical Service and is FREE.


For all those POLAR RC3 GPS users that wish to update their unit to have the altimetry in the device, POLAR starts the following procedure:

* Take the wrist unit, only the unit, to the store where the product was purchased

* The store sends it by courier service, the update is made and it is returned to the store     

* Transportation may have a cost and must be paid directly at the store

* Updates of the RC3 GPS will be made in strict order of arrival to the Polar Central Technical Service

* The update will start next Tuesday March 19


The integration of the altimetry function in the RC3 GPS brings added value to this product and satisfies the needs of the most demanding athletes.

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