4 Viator recommended garments for roller training

From Viator, they have proposed these ideal garments for use on the roller and on the road

In these moments of confinement by the Covid-19 coronavirus that we are having in Spain, many athletes have chosen to roller workouts.

Like having good motivation to continue training in a fun and varied way, it is necessary to have good sports equipment. So since Viator, they have proposed these ideal garments for home

Bernia PRO MT20 Jersey

Bernia PRO Viator MT20 Jersey
Bernia PRO Viator MT20 Jersey

Leotard with a fit fit, it perfectly adapts to the bodyOffering the rider a better performance, its aerodynamic cut achieves a very firm and light garment.

The technology of its fabrics combines to obtain a leotard of high breathability and increased muscle performance during use, keeping the athlete dry and very comfortable.

Further information:  https://viator.es/nueva/index.php/custom/ropa-de-ciclismo-personalizada/maillot-bernia/

CT18 Catí Black PRO Shorts

CT18 Shorts Catí Black PRO Viator
CT18 Shorts Catí Black PRO Viator

The Cati Pro Black Bib Shorts have been developed for a maximum cycling requirement, both professional and amateur.

Your employer provides you with firm and perfect fit, adapting to the cyclist.

The Cati Pro Black Culotte incorporates the laser flat braces with a perforated VR grid, looking for maximum perspiration in the back area.

Further information:  https://viator.es/nueva/index.php/custom/ropa-de-ciclismo-personalizada/culotte-cati-pro-black/

  Base Layer BL01 T-shirt

Base Layer BL01 Viator T-shirt
Base Layer BL01 Viator T-shirt

Base Layer undershirt made of highly breathable mesh con panels in its structure to favor the quick drying of the skin, designed for the hottest days, it is a garment that Perfectly suited for indoor workouts.

La Mesh Chic works like a second skin which evaporates and wipe the sweat, improving breathability and maintaining an ideal temperature.

Its ProVtr pattern provides a perfect fit turning this garment into a second skin.

Further information:  https://viator.es/nueva/index.php/custom/ropa-de-ciclismo-personalizada/camiseta-interior-base-layer/

Trisuit TT14 Kompress

TT14 Trisuit Kompress Viator
TT14 Trisuit Kompress Viator

The Kompress Endurance trisuit stands out because it totally adjusts to the athlete's body  without any cut, being a second skin that accompanies natural movements.

It offers maximum comfort, elasticity and softness, ensures a high breathability UV protected and chlorine resistant.

Further information:  https://viator.es/nueva/index.php/custom/ropa-de-triatlon-personalizada/kompress-endurance/

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