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We tested the new Roadsurfer Cozy Cottage Motorhome

Road surfers presents new models by 2024 motorhomes for rentr. From Triatlón Noticias we have had the opportunity to test the new and spacious Cozy Cottage during our last route through the Alps.

First Sensations

Considered a “motorhome” due to its dimensions and features, it surprises us from the first moment with its interior spaciousness, where no detail is lacking, while maintaining a moderate size that allows us to enjoy both the countryside and the city.

Its large trunk stands out, where up to 2 or 3 bicycles fit, and the possibility of having air conditioning with the engine off, very useful in summer.

It also has stationary heating with up to two days of autonomy, ideal for the cold nights of the Alps.

It is a perfect model to enjoy both on vacation and in competitions.

Roadsurfer's Cozy Cottage in the Alps

Extra Comfort

The Cozy Cottage is ideal for enjoying interior space and being able to park in many places where larger motorhomes could not, such as parking lots at sports or shopping centers. We recommend these places in Switzerland and France if you want to avoid camping fees.



In the back of the caravan we find the bedroom, notable for its comfort thanks to the mattress and its spaciousness, perfect for up to 3 people.

It has two side windows that offer spectacular views, ideal for enjoying the sunrise or sunset in a beautiful setting.


The bathroom is comfortable and larger than other campers. Your closed closets They allow you to shower without having to remove things from the shelves.

Bathroom image

Kitchen-dining room

The kitchen is comfortable and has a large storage capacity, with several drawers and a large refrigerator compared to other campers.

Interior image

As a negative point, the table may be tight if two people need to work and the outside table cannot be used due to the rain, but it still does its job. In addition, all windows have mosquito nets and blinds.

Table with 2 laptops

Body exterior:

The trunk is extremely spacious, allowing you to store up to 2-3 bicycles and several bags or suitcases.

It also has an outdoor awning, chairs and a camping table, creating an outdoor dining and rest area.

Roadsurfer's Cozy Cottage on a Campsite

Technical Characteristics and Equipment

  • Cozy motorhome for 2 adults + 1 child.
  • Eating space with large refrigerator and 2 gas stoves.
  • Comfortable bathroom with hot shower and toilet.
  • Extra large rear garage for luggage.
  • Air conditioning (also works with the engine stopped).
  • 177 HP diesel, automatic transmission.
  • Dimensions: Length 6,99 m | Width 2,43 m (with mirrors) | Height 3,01 m.
  • Rear camera and integrated navigation system.
  • Tempomat, Bluetooth, USB, Radio, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto.
  • ISOFIX system for baby seats.
  • Leveling wedges to adjust the vehicle on uneven terrain.
  • Emergency vests, warning triangle, first aid kit.
  • Stationary heating and air conditioning with the engine off.
  • Mosquito net, awning, camping table and two camping chairs.
  • 230 volt electrical connection and 12V connector.


Our experience has been unbeatable. We recommend the Cozy Cottage for couples or up to 3 people because of the spaciousness of its bed. Is perfect for those looking for the freedom of traveling in a motorhome without always depending on campsites, since its size allows parking in many places.

It is especially suitable for triathletes and cyclists, since allows bicycles to be stored safely in its large trunk, avoiding leaving them visible outside.

At the driving level, although It is a little wider than the campers we have tested previously, It is very comfortable and well equipped, including a GPS that can be connected to Google Maps from your mobile, making the trip easier.

An experience that, without a doubt, is worth trying.

Reserve yours here

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