We put the Zycle SMART DRIVE to the test with an 18% slope

The brand of rollers Zycle launched a few months ago the new model direct drive roller SMART DRIVE.

It is a perfect model for those athletes who want to take a leap in training control, due to the reliability and sensations offered by this type of rollers.

In addition to the product test we did with the roller, where we explained how to assemble and configure it with the Bkool, now we put it to the test by doing a demanding climb in the simulator.

That is why we have chosen the ascent to Bargari Cabbage, a 9,2 km port with an average slope of 8,98% and maximum ramps of 17,93%.

To do this, we chose the Bkool simulator and to do the test a previous warm-up of about 15 minutes was done.

These are the session data

  • Col de Bagargi, 9,2 km, 8,98% D +
  • 290 W average
  • 450 W maximum
  • Normalized power: 269 W
  • Maximum slope realized 17,93%

Our sensations

As we already mentioned in the test, use this type of rollers is very realSince the roller is attached directly to the bicycle, it is like rolling on the road.

Regarding the test in Col de Barguari we tell you our feelings

100% real sensations in training.


On the roller, the sensations are real, there is little oscillation and the change in slope is very real.

In the parts of more unevenness and more power imparted at no time did we have the sensation of loss of control, on the contrary the sensations were very real and the roller perfectly withstood 450 W of maximum that were reached in the session

Synchronization with the Bkool is perfect

Opting for the use of the Bkool simulator is a wise move since works perfectly with this roller.

One thing that we liked is that when changing gears there is a little wait to avoid the sudden change that makes the feeling of pedaling and the slopes and descents much more real.

too quiet

By not having the friction of the tire, the roller it is very quiet which makes it ideal for home training.


If installed correctly the roller is very stable, even in areas with maximum incline or power.

It doesn't get very hot

It is inevitable that the roller gets a little hot, But after a session as hard as the one we did, a slight increase in the temperature of the cassette was noticed.

No need to calibrate

It is very comfortable, since it does everything automatic.

No connection loss, thanks to USB

This model comes with a USB cable to connect directly with the computer, so no data transmission loss during the session.

It has built-in speed and cadence sensors

The trainer is integrated with speed and cadence sensors that Bkool automatically detects when linking the software.

Our conclusion

This roller is a great option for any cyclist or triathlete who you need more control of your training.

In short, the Zycle SMART ZDRIVE roller is ideal for cyclists who compete or train at a medium / high level and who are looking to take a step further in their performance.

Thanks to all the characteristics of the roller allows controlled training to achieve the objectives set in the sessions.

In addition, to be a direct drive roller it is a great option for its quality / price

Where to buy?

The ZYCLE SMART ZDRIVE roller can be purchased through specialized cycling centers or large super

Its RRP price is € 699

More information on official website

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