Windproof cycling vest: What is it and why will it be your new ally?

¿You love long bike rides? If so, take care of your safety!

La road visibility is extremely important, which is why you should invest not only in reliable bike lighting, but also in a windproof cycling vest or reflective bands.

The most important functions of the windproof cycling vest

Thanks to this simple accessory, you can avoid many unpleasant situations and serious accidents.

The variety of windproof vests for cycling available in our assortment are made of fluorescent fabrics or equipped with reflective elements. It is functional cycling clothing which will also affect your comfort and driving pleasure.

Waterproof fabrics will protect you even from the strongest downpours and, thanks to their wind resistance, even strong and cold gusts will not affect you. Plus, loose cuts don't restrict movement.

Un classic cycling vest It is a great gadget that you should always have with you in case the weather conditions take a turn for the worse. Most of the models are distinguished by a light structure, due to which they can be easily hidden in a suitcase, bag or basket.

TOP Best windproof cycling vests

In this category you will find windproof cycling vests high quality from the best manufacturers. A wide variety of designs and sizes will allow you to find the perfect model for you!

Spiuk vest top

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  • Lightweight, windproof, form-fitting cycling vest
  • Designed for mid-season, with the presence of cold and wind
  • Two-layer fabric with M2V PROFIT membrane for excellent breathability, windproof and waterproof
  • 6 back pockets protected with flap for effective protection against rain
  • Multiple reflective elements in gold for better visibility

Spiuk light sports vest. Perfect for running or cycling. When folded, it takes up very little space, so you can always take it with you.

Reflective elements to increase safety after dark and in adverse weather conditions (logo, decorations, and lettering on the back).

It offers protection against the wind and is breathable, its zipper is complete and it comes with a mesh back panel and sides, its construction is made of a two-layer fabric with an M2V PROFIT membrane.

FDX Cycling Vest

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  • ✅LIGHTWEIGHT AND WARM: This men's thermal cycling vest is made with high-density yet very light Italian Roubaix fabric that prevents the cold from reaching your skin through efficient heat retention, while remaining ultra-light, breathable and soft on the skin.
  • ✅Full Front Zip: Equipped with a full front zip, the men's road cycling vest comes fully prepared for transitional weather. In case of rain, wind, cold or heat, the driver can easily adjust the level of thermoregulation and breathability using the full zip. Additionally, the full-zip has a zipper garage that ensures it won't rub against your skin.
  • ✅High Visibility Strip: To ensure better safety and visibility in dark driving conditions such as rainy, foggy and cloudy weather, the men's sleeveless vest is equipped with a high visibility reflective strip on the back.
  • ✅3 REAR POCKETS: This cycling vest is made for the avid cyclist who wants to carry any riding essentials like water bottles, maps, gloves, goggles, and caps in the 3 built-in rear pockets.
  • ✅MULTIPURPOSE GIFT: This lightweight and adjustable cycling vest for men is suitable for cold weather and is practical in a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, road biking and mountain biking.

Functional and comfortable, the cycling vest for men of the prestigious brand FDX It is perfect for bike rides.

The front panel of the vest is made of 100% lightweight polyester softshell material and windproof, making it perfect for windy and foggy days to reduce airflow.

The back panel, the sides of the vest and the inside of the collar are made of 80% Polyester, 20% Elastane ventilated mesh, which guarantees excellent thermoregulation.

It is equipped with a zipper along the entire length of the vest, as well as reflective elements on the armholes and the bottom of the vest, increasing your safety on the road.

In addition, the vest has two patch pockets on the back, which will allow you to safely store the necessary things while driving.

Beylore Wind Vest

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  • Waterproof fabric: The fabric is water-repellent treatment, waterproof in rainy days, reduce dirt, not easy to stain.
  • Breathable and cool: The front of the cycling vest is made of 100% high-quality polyester fiber and the back is made of 85% polyester + 15% spandex. Four-way stretch fabric is comfortable, breathable and quick-drying, keeping you cool while you ride.
  • Reflective Design: The reflective strip on the front and back of the running vest improves the safety of driving at night.
  • With zipper pocket: The zipper pocket on the chest of the cycling vest can hold some small items, which is convenient and intimate.
  • Wide range of applications: The sleeveless jacket is suitable for various occasions, such as cycling, traveling, camping, hiking, mountaineering, fishing, picnic, etc.

Your vest if you want to feel safe on the street. It has reflective ribs and elastication around the shoulders and hem; it also has a full length zipper closure - windproof.

Windproof material ensures comfort and visibility on cloudy days. Thanks to the flexible side inserts and the light material, it adapts perfectly to the shape of the body.

Mesh material on the sides for better ventilation. The front of the vest is made of 100% polyester fiber, while the back is 85% polyester + 15% elastane.

This is a windproof cycling vest with reflective surface to be visible in low light conditions. The larger the reflective surface, the better you will see when light hits it.

It's a lightweight windbreaker which, if you don't carry it in your bag, will keep you warm in windy conditions thanks to its basic resistance to water and wind.

It offers protection against the wind chill factor, that is, the perceived temperature based on wind speed, which feels colder than the actual temperature.

Advantages of using windproof cycling vests

The variety of windproof cycling vests are perfect on days beginning with cold weather. Lightweight and perfectly placed over the jersey, they protect the upper part of the body from drafts and prevent you from feeling cold.

The front of most models has windproof properties, and if the vest has a high collar, means greater comfort of use.

On the back, vests are usually very breathable. Some manufacturers use an aerated mesh in this part.

When the vest is no longer needed, because the sun is shining, or the road makes you sweat, it can be easily hidden in a shirt pocket or backpack.

Thanks to its reduced size and weight, you can take advantage of its windproof properties on every cycling trip.

Why buy windproof cycling vests

Cold evenings or mornings may not be the most pleasant.

In such situations, cycling vests prove to be extremely useful, as they provide effective protection of the upper parts of the body from wind and cooler air, and at the same time do not lead to overheating of the body during increased exertion.

The variety of comfortable, breathable cycling vests and fully windproof are definitely a must have for the period between seasons, and also a great accessory for those who like to ride at night and want to be more visible on their bikes.

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