What material do I need to train with the roller?

If you are one of those who wants to take advantage of the time at home exercising, using the bicycle with a roller is an excellent option.

Along with the roller, you must buy other essential items to have a better experience and achieve the greatest number of kilometers on the bike without leaving home.

Mat, an essential element

La roller mat It is necessary to protect the floor from the sweat that is produced during the use of the bicycle. If you have wooden or parquet floors, this element should not be missing when you train with the roller.

With the mat you improve safety during training, thanks to its non-slip properties, you have greater stability when using the bike on the roller.

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Furthermore, the roller mat reduces vibrations during training, with this additional layer you avoid disturbing the neighbors downstairs due to strong vibrations, they even have the ability to isolate noise, so you won't bother anyone close to your house either.

There are several well-known brands, such as Wahoo or Tack, which offer a good size and priced roller mat, although a typical yoga mat can do the same job.

roller table

La roller table It is a non-essential product, but it provides greater comfort in different cases.

With the table you have at your fingertips several basic supplies for training, such as water, a towel to dry sweat or energy bars, in this way, you optimize training.

You can also use the roller table to place the laptop or tablet and watch videos or read while you train, for example. With this you will make bike training more entertaining and pass more quickly, a good option if you are starting to use it and want to create the habit.

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There are different models of different sizes and styles, choose one that suits the available space and your tastes.

bike without sweat

If you are one of those who sweats a lot when you train on a bicycle, you will need a sweat cover or guard, the accessory is mounted from the handlebar to the seat post, exposing the upper area, the head part and the stem.

Any drop of sweat and splashes from the drink will fall on the protector, which easily adapts to any bike, mostly with velcro.

La sweat cover or guard It is made with high quality efficient absorbent materials, they even have a transparent front pocket to place the mobile. In addition, this accessory is very cheap, so you have no excuse not to buy it.

Training with the mobile

Sometimes it is impossible to put the mobile aside, even when you train. If you are a fan of watching videos or checking social media, you can buy a mobile holder on the handlebar and always have your mobile at your fingertips.

You can place the support in a nearby place, without the risk of it falling and it will be in a comfortable position so that you can check social networks, play music or watch videos while you train.

In the market you not only find mobile holder on the handlebar, there are also models capable of supporting the weight of a tablet, another good option if you prefer a device with a larger screen.

Or if you prefer to have the laptop nearby, you can also find stands with enough space to place it

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