Reasons to buy a bicycle

La bike it is a vehicle that has the most powerful engine of all, the energy and effort of its driver. It is an invention that revolutionized the possibilities of displacement of the human being.

A conquest of humanity that gave rise to the emergence and development of new automotive projects. Against all odds, it is still in force and is presented as an economical, fast, healthy and eco-friendly alternative to get around the city.

Today we will tell you some reasons to buy one and tips that you should keep in mind. And you can get the catalog with the greatest variety and security on the BIKE24 website.

The bicycle over time

 The bicycle has its origin in Germany, in 1817. Karl Drais, professor and mechanic, is credited with the invention of the bicycle.

This first specimen was made of wood and was really far from what we are used to seeing today.

Later, in 1861, the bicycle would undergo an important change when the Frenchman Pierre Michaux chose to incorporate pedals.

The problem was that it became more difficult to maintain balance. This mishap was sought to be solved by making one wheel smaller than the other, but it was the reduction in the size of the bicycle, the incorporation of brakes, an air chamber and more ergonomic designs that allowed us to achieve what we know today.

Reasons to buy a bicycle 

Congestion in cities, difficulties in accessing a vehicle, the increase in the cost of fossil fuels and environmental problems have highlighted the need to opt for a new transportation alternative.

The bicycle has been reinvented in recent years and has positioned itself as one of the best eco-friendly options to transport us.

In Spain we have the championship called “La Vuelta a España”, one of the most important in the world of cycling.

This has made us develop a culture around it, with 48% of the Spanish population using bicycles.

Here we are going to list some reasons to buy a bicycle if you have not yet encouraged yourself. 

Take the stress out of traffic

Congestion on urban roads and population density seem to be recurring themes in our modernity.

The bicycle becomes the perfect option to escape the traffic, of hours and hours stuck on the city roads, trying to reach your destination.

It does not matter if there are crashes or constructions that impede the passage. By bike you can easily calibrate the route and continue on your way.

Cost savings in your economy

The maintenance of a bicycle is not expensive, but, on the contrary, its use allows to reduce ant expenses.

You don't have to worry about rising fuel prices or public transport fares. And you can count on the independence of going anywhere on your bike, learning to measure times, since there are mobile applications, such as Google Maps, that do this calculation for you.

Bicycle is synonymous with health

If your daily routine prevents you from going to the gym or playing sports due to lack of time, getting around by bike is the solution.

Get everywhere on your bike (work, classes, dates and outings) and exercise your body at the same time. Cycling is one of the most demanding sports, it is averaged that you can burn between 2.000 and 2.700 calories a day.

Not counting the benefits of physical exercise for our mental health. Our sleep quality is optimized and the symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety are reduced.

An eco friendly option

The environmental problem is an issue that is not being put enough on the table. However, the treatment we are giving our beloved planet and what we will leave to future generations is worrying.

Therefore, it is important to contribute our grain of sand. The automotive industry is one of the most polluting.

Getting away from the daily and excessive use of fossil fuels with the bicycle is a way to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

riding a bike is safe

For a long time riding a bicycle has been associated with a high incidence of accidents. Actually, the statistics show that it is more likely to suffer an accident at the wheel of a car than a bicycle.

You must try to use the appropriate protective equipment, take care of your muscles and bones, as well as comply with special traffic regulations for bicycles.

Dare to have the bicycle as your new means of transport. Get the best options by visiting the BIKE24 website.

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