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Recover in record time and improve your performance with the new Reboots!

Reboots presents the new “PRO” model

Reboots Pro

899 €



Price quality








Ease of use



  • Recovery in record time
  • Very simple to use
  • We have not seen contraindications
  • Valid for all kinds of people
  • 100% meets your goal
  • No wires


  • Can't see the area where pressure is applied
  • There are no more colors
  • It only serves to recover legs

Reboots take a step forward and present the new "PRO" model, 67% lighter, 40% smaller and offers 100% performance

In the cover photo you can see in detail the new model that can be charge the battery and transport wirelessly by wearing an on-off button and having 40% smaller than the previous model

What is Reboots?

Reboots, thinking the athlete who does high intensity training and who needs to recover in record time as the triathlete, has developed "boots" that help remove lactic acid and they offer you a massage recoveredr to be able to be ready the next day completely fresh and to be able to face the next training session with the maximum guarantees, which Clearly improve your performance.

Check our analysis of your earlier version

Recover in record time and improve your performance with the new Reboots!
In the photo from left to right: Size of the previous model, size of the new model and comparative with the size of a mobile.

How do they work?

1.- After strong training, some waste occurs in the muscles, such as lactic acid, which affects performance

2.- The REBOOTS create a progressive massage with compressed air on your legs, in this way the leg debris can be removed more quickly

3.- After applying the massage recoveredr Your legs are fresh, which makes you ready for the next day's training and being more efficient in your performance.

Recover in record time and improve your performance with the new Reboots!
Operation detail, panel showing time remaining of the program, intensity of the compressed air entering the boots and point where the massage is being applied


1.- On the one hand, clearly in its design and weight, Reboots wanted to develop a much lighter model that takes up less volume in order to Bring to competitions, an advantage to be grateful for.

2 In new model it has a battery that charges and can be transported without the need for any cables power as well as use anywhere.

2.- In addition, this model has a new INTENSIVE PULSE RECOVERY PROGRAM, which compared to the previous model the pressure in the last chambers increases and decreases the pressure three times, and this gives the metabolic waste more time to move through the tissues offering a more complete recovery.

Recover in record time and improve your performance with the new Reboots!
In the photo from left to right: new model that you can charge the battery and unplug it to carry it without power cables. On the right, older model with fixed power cable.


  • Command
  • Boots with multiple connection air hoses
  • Manual
  • Charger cable

PVPr: From 899 euros




  • Excellent tool for recovery in record time which helps to improve performance.
  • Very simple to use practically connect and ready
  • Very nice to use
  • We have not seen contraindications and you can use it daily
  • Valid not only for athletes, but for anyone that for his work or other reasons he needs to recover tired legs or improve his lymphatic system.
  • Very light weight
  • You can transport them without cables, which is an extra in relation to the previous model.
  • Includes a new extra recovery program that did not include the previous model.
  • Color discreet and easy to clean with a damp cloth thanks to the type of fabric it has


  • In the old model we can see a drawing that shows where the pressure is being applied, in the new one the drawing of the legs does not appear.

Recover in record time and improve your performance with the new Reboots!

Another con is that there is no availability of this product in other colors and that it is only valid for the recovery of the legs, not from another part of the body

Academic Note:

We want to detail that Reboots could never be compared with a COMPEX type electrostimulator, since it is another type of recovery system.

In addition to having a different size and portability, COMPEX WIRELESS type electrostimulators have other force, force-resistance programs, offering a variety of other solutions.

Nor should we compare it with a physiotherapy session as this manual is tailored to each individual.


From TRIATLON NEWS we consider that it is a highly recommended product for all athletes who do high intensity training with several weekly sessions.

Reboots is a great ally because thanks to the fact that it helps to eliminate lactic acid, it facilitates a faster recovery, so it can allow you to carry out more high-intensity workouts.

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