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Is sport and technology your two passions? Then BKOOL is the perfect gift for you

Still don't know what BKOOL is? BKOOK is a team that allows you to enjoy cycling with maximum motivation both in indoor and outdoor, which allows you to perform your workouts as if you were "on site", only by choosing on the screen of your computer the route you want to do, in addition you of the option to share it with other triathletes, wherever they are, thanks to the social network they have. As a novelty, with the BKOOL application for iPhone and Android phones you can record outdoor sessions very easily.

The social network for athletes BKOOL will update in the next few days its cycling simulator, BSim, incorporating into its current Google Earth views. This way any GPS route will have greater realism when it comes to doing it at home. Without forgetting the real video, more than 3200 kilometers to date, and that week by week continues to incorporate sessions.

There is no excuse for not recognizing the triathlon cycling circuit that you have set as your goal this season. With the BCycling of BKOOL you can

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