A good gift for this Christmas, a Zycle training roller for cycling

El training roller is becoming one of the most important allies for cyclists who cannot go out to train on the road, either due to lack of time, weather, safety, etc.

Thank you to your Multiple benefits, such as rhythm control, connection with virtual platforms, etc. It is a perfect tool to improve in this discipline without leaving home.

We recommend that you take a look at this section of roller training that will surely be of use to you.

One of the benchmarks in the world of training Indoor for cycling, Zycle, It has 3 models that cover almost all cyclists.

  • ZPRO

ZPRO roller

A good gift for this Christmas, a Zycle training roller for cycling,img_61b9d48906322

This is a smart roller which has a magnetic resistance perfect for cyclists who want to train at home.

Although there is friction between the wheel and the resistance, it is a very silent, stable and suitable for all levels.

We recommend that you read the review we made of this model in TN

ZYCLE Smart ZPro Roller Test

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 ZDrive roller

A good gift for this Christmas, a Zycle training roller for cycling,img_61b9d4a242062

The Zycle ZDrive is the first direct drive roller that the brand has developed.

In this type of rollers the difference is that the bike is directly coupled through the installation of a Cassette, which gives very real sensations without the friction of the other model.

This model is ideal for those athletes who are looking for a more exhaustive control of their workouts, since having practically real sensations and without external conditions allows them to do very demanding training sessions.

We also analyze this model in a review:

ZYCLE SMART DRIVE Direct Drive Roller Test

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ZBike bike

A good gift for this Christmas, a Zycle training roller for cycling,img_61b9d4a8d4a2b

The Zycle ZBike is the smart indoor bike of the brand. It is perfect for a hybrid use between cycling and fitness and suitable for the whole family and levels.

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Where to buy?

Zycle brand rollers can be purchased in specialized stores throughout the national territory.

Here you can find the list of stores

Training Item Finder

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