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More than 10 gift ideas for a triathlete

In these days of shopping, from Triathlon News we want to help you give you gift ideas, that's why we have compiled some ideal products for the athlete who practices triathlon

Bkool simulator roller

Bkool roller

The Spanish brand is a perfect gift for lovers of cycling and triathlon

Now that the cold is coming, Bkool simulators allow you Enjoy cycling without schedules and from your home without affecting the cold, snow and bad weather conditions.

With Bkool, in addition to not losing form in the winter, you will train in a fun way since you can train doing the most famous cycling routes Or compete with other users to see who is the strongest.

The Bkool Smart Go, is the intelligent roller at the most competitive price. Train like a professional and live an experience of maximum realism, but if you want to go a step further, opt for the Bkool Smart Pro2, the best-selling smart roller. Now more silent where you can reach a power up to 1.200 W and play 20% earrings

Bkool Smart Pro 2 + Simulator PVPR € 499

Bkool Smart Go + PVPR Simulator € 345,99

Website:  http://www.bkool.com

COMPEX SP 8.0 undisputed leader in electrostimulation.

compex electrostimulator

 The Compex SP8.0 optimizes your strength and endurance, allows a faster recovery, relieves pain and prevents injuries.

It is a electrostimulator designed for athletes who train daily. The SP 8.0 is the undisputed leader in electrostimulation. In addition to being connectable and evolutionary; integrates the new MI-Autorange function that continuously provides better results.


Equipped with exclusive MI technology (Muscle Intelligence), Compex electro stimulators adapt to each of your muscles to provide you with a more effective work, while enjoying unparalleled comfort and better performance


We can find different types of programs for:

            - Physical training
            - Recovery / Massage
            - Anti-pain
            - Rehabilitation
            - Fitness

RRP € 979,00

Web: https://es.compexstore.com/product/compex-sp-80 

Suunto, the gps watch for muldideporte


Sunnto watch


Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR is an advanced GPS watch for multisport with heart rate from the wrist, color touch screen, submersibility up to 100 and battery life up to 12 h in training mode.

Spartan Sport includes 80 preset sport modes and numerous parameters for each sport. Follow your progress and train smarter with the useful community data available in Suunto Movescount.

PVPR - 499 € to 549 €

Website: http://www.suunto.com/es-ES/Productos/Relojes-deportivos/suunto-spartan-sport-wrist-hr/Suunto-Spartan-Sport-Wrist-HR-All-Black/

Skechers GoRun5, the official sneaker from Ironman Europe


skechets gorun5 shoe


Skechers, the official running shoe of the Ironman European Tour with its fast GOrun 5 . Miquel Blanchart and Carlos López join Ramón Ejeda as the big Spanish bets of Skechers in the competition.

Skechers GOrun 5 ™ is the 5.ª generation of the range of running shoes Skechers GOrun®. Designed for speed with innovative technologies from Skechers Performance to promote the tread with the midfoot, in addition to offering cushioning y protection against impacts.

PVPR: 110 €

Web: https://www.skechers.com/es-es/style/14118/skechers-gorun-5/bkcc

LD Triathlon Maillot SANTINI SMS_SLEEK


santini triathlon jersey


Get dressed like a KONA professional!

An authentic innovation This is the new Sleek 2.0 model by Santini designed for professional triathlete Kyle Buckingham. With short sleeves and aerodynamic design will help improve your performance.

It has quick drying material, elastic sleeves and inserts on the sides to offer a improved ventilation, as well as its anti-abrasion seams and a long zip at the front. In the lower part we see elastic and anti-slip cuffs that feel like a second skin.

Su sheepskin has properties anti-shock and weighs less than 42gr which, in addition to do not absorb water, no increase in size or weight in swimming. This pad also has a antibacterial fiber layer that does not irritate the skin when in contact with it, guaranteeing maximum comfort

A choice of 10 if this year you are going to compete in long distance!

PVPR: 175,00 €

Web:: www.santinisms.it

Pack Polarized Glasses Addictive


addictive glasses pack

VisioramaSport launches its own brand of sports glasses ideal for cycling and running, this is why it offers you a Pack of 2 Polarized Addictive glasses for only 40 €

Among its features we highlight

  • Perfect fit wraparound sports gown
  • very light with polarized lens
  • Includes removable adjustable clip
  • Excellent quality at a spectacular price

PVPR: 2 × 40 €

Web https://www.visioramasport.es/es/marcas/addictive/pack-2xaddictive-polarized.html#/675-color_montura_spiuk-negro_brillo_con_azul

Pool Pack Zone3

Zone3 Swimming Pack

Training accessories set composed of:

  • Mesh Bag.
  • Pull Buoy.
  • Multicolor table.
  • Hand Paddles Mittens.
  • Volare Swimming Goggles

PVPR: 86 €

Web: https://zone3.es/productos/pack-regalo-3/


SockersLovers Socks for the Triathlete




In Spain there is talent and SockersLovers bet on it. From the experience in the world of triathlon as well as design, marketing and communication, Sockers was born in search of creating a product of excellent quality and introduce fashion and design in sports technical socks.

Are you tired of the models of time? Are you looking for color, imagination, joy, fantasy as well as quality in the tegidos?

Your choice is SockersLovers. Do not forget to visit the website and discover all the news for this Christmas.

PVPR: From 12,95 €

Web: https://www.sockerslovers.com/socks/news/

The definitive backpack for the Nombak triathlete

 nombak triathlon backpack

 The best gift for an athlete looking for a backpack elegant, versatile and practical for day to day.

Office in the morning and training in the afternoon. Nonbak backpacks adapt to your lifestyle.

Do not think about it, now is the time to renew your style.

  •  Capacity 35L, extendable to 45L
  •  10 Pockets independent
  •  Humid compartmentor independent
  •  Fabric and water resistant zippers
  •  Internal pocket for laptop and tablet

PVPR 39,95 €

Web: https://nonbak.com/backpacks-nonbak-christmas/

TributeTri the shoe designed for fast transitions and especially for Triathlon


TributeTri cycling shoes


Carbon Light sole made of carbon and fiberglass with a stiffness index of 10.0 and 4 vents for constant air flow

NW Speedplay compatible adapter for less difference between foot and pedal

Specific upper part for triathlon made of microfibre for fast dry and with a system of easy entry that saves seconds

Closing system with 2 Velcro straps in the upper part for lateral blocking

The Omega heel retention system avoid any slippage

RRP € 169,99

Website:  http://www.vicsports.es/zapatillas-northwave/tribute-blanco-negro/1880103005-10tria#


Pull kick swimming black orange Decathlon


decathlon swimming pack


The pull kick is a multifunction product that is used as a table or a pullbuoy. Its hydrodynamic and compact design make it an essential product for the regular / intensive swimmer.      

PVPR 12,99 €

Website: https://www.decathlon.es/pull-kick-natacion-negro-nrja–id_8364858.html

Bike Holder SeaSucker


SeaSucker bike rack

 Very versatile, fast to assemble and effective!

The Talon is our bestseller in terms of 1 bike rack bike it means. It consists of a fork support with three of our powerful Vacuum Cups 6 SeaSucker "(whose grip strength / grip is 95 kgrs in each one) that fasten it to the roof of the car. Trunk or the rear window of the same.

It is also included, to increase safety, a strap support to hold the rear wheel. It is small and light enough to fit inside a bicycle bag, or in your own travel suitcase, for those cyclists who travel with their bicycles. Probably the easiest bike rack to install in the world and that is disassembled in just a few seconds, and all without damaging the car at all.

It's compatible with practically all car models. It requires a small assembly.


  • Possibility of carrying 1 bike up to 20 kgrs.
  • Designed to be placed on the roof, trunk or rear window of the car.
  • Fits metal, glass or fiberglass surfaces
  • High density polyethylene body of 1 / 2 "(HDPE) that provides great hardness and long durability.
  • 1 heavy base for mounting the 15mm fork
  • 3 Vacuum Cups from 6 "SeaSucker (whose grip / grip strength is 95 kgrs in each).
  • Approximate surface size: 38x33cms.
  • CE Approval and Bicycle Carrier UCI Offical Licensed product SeaSucker
  • Approximate weight: 3kgrs.

PVPR: 422 €

Website: http://www.vicsports.es/portabicicletas-seasucker/portabicicletas-talon-eje15mm-1-bicicleta/sea-bt1004-15#

Padlock for travel Eagle Creek


eagle creek padlock


As always Eagle Creek, He wants you to enjoy your travels without worrying about anything other than enjoying yourself. That is why this Christmas you will travel quietly knowing that your luggage is protected.

The Ultralight TSA Lock has a 3-digit combination lock as well as custom combination capability. Unlike traditional padlocks, Ultralight TSA Lock is easy and comfortable to use as it will protect your suitcase and at the same time facilitate inspection by security authorities without damaging your luggage.

 Available in black and silver. What are you waiting for to travel this Christmas?

PVPR: 8 euros

Website: https://www.eaglecreek.com/

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