Review ADDSFIT MINI: "The pocket massager"

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Percussion depth


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Comfortable, light, versatile and with great autonomy capacity. Since only € 65,90 euros you can get this "massage gun" to start trying this post-workout / competition recovery therapy.

For almost 5 years now, these types of massagers or "guns" began to be seen on the market, which little by little have gained the trust of the user and have created their own niche in the market.

A very valid and reliable option for those who are looking for a “tool” that they can use daily and that helps them both in pre-workout warm-ups as to be able relax the muscles after them, or a competition

We received in TRIATLON NOTICIAS, the ADDFIT “MINI” model, and we put it to the test!


First, for those who do not know this type of solution, we make a reference to its functionality.

These types of “instruments” are based on offering a percussion-based massage therapy.

Thanks to the different intensities and types of heads, we can reach both the largest muscle groups as well as the deeper muscle tissues.

Of course, they can never replace the hands of a physiotherapist, which is also always recommended in the event that what we are looking for is not only to alleviate the post-training load, but also relieve some type of muscle discomfort that appear repeatedly and do not resolve with time or possibility of injury.

That said, these types of massagers do it is a very valid option to increase blood flow of muscle areas, reduce overloads and for muscle recovery that can be used on a daily basis.


Before continuing with the article, if we would like to detail that in a generic way, this type of therapy should obviously not be used on bones and, furthermore, it is not recommended if you have recent surgeries of any kind, skin contraindications or wounds caused by the vibratory effect, herniated discs, pregnancy, diabetes or pacemakers.

Our sensations with massage guns

La massage gun It is based on the same principle of operation as a discharge roller or “foam roller” that seeks to reach, generate blood flow and at the same time relax the deepest muscles.

When applying it we feel a few "taps" that vary depending on the intensity applied and also depending on the type of head and treated area.

When applying it you feel a relief / relaxation of the area, and hours later you feel that the heaviness of the legs after a hard training session such as cycling or running is minimized in a really surprising way, which is basically due to the blood flow that has been generated in those muscle areas to expedite your recovery.

Our feeling with ADDSFIT "mini"

After testing other models on the market such as COMPEX FIXX 1.0, and although the "base" is the same in the type of therapy, if we must say that there are several differences that are not only in the price, if not in its benefits (power, accessories, materials ...) that each model offers.

Let's say that it is not the same to buy an Audi A2 as an Audi A8, so that we understand each other.

Both options are very valid, but the choice depends a lot on the use you are going to give it.

 What should you keep in mind when choosing a massage “gun”?

There are several points that we must take into account:

  • Power: Normally they have 2 - 3 massage speeds
  • Size: Normally the larger size is associated with the greater number of power it offers
  • Head typess: Usually made of aluminum or silicone
  • Others: Price, weight, battery life, noise, comfort of use, build quality….

When to choose ADDSFIT "mini"

ADDSFITIs a excellent tool for a popular runner, or even for older people who want to use it, to minimize recovery time or warm up the muscles.

It is also an "excellent" solution of course if you want to try this type of therapy before making the decision to make a larger investment, and buy a more powerful model as the one offered by the same brand), or the COMPEX models   among others.

In addition, as an added value, ADDFIT MINI is a perfect tool for travel, since its small size, minimal weight, and features that are very commensurate with its low purchase price make it become an ally once you try it. inseparable for the athlete.

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Review ADDSFIT MINI: "The pocket massager"
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Review ADDSFIT MINI: "The pocket massager"
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 Other data of interest

  • Weight: 360 g
  • Size: 12,9 * 4 * 10,4
  • Speeds: 3-1600/2500/3000 RPM
  • Heads included: 2
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable / USB
  • Duration estimated battery life: 400 minutes


  • Price 10
  • Percussion depth 7
  • Speed ​​and regulation 8
  • Heads and Accessories 7
  • Noise 10
  • Construction quality -10
  • Utility / Comfort - 10
  • Autonomy 10

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