ROTOR launches INspider MTB power meter for mountain bikers

Designed and manufactured in Spain, the new INspider MTB it offers unique features that make it the best option for the most demanding mountain bikers.

ROTOR, a Spanish company specializing in bicycle components, has announced the launch of the INspider MTB, a power meter specially designed for mountain bikers.

This innovative device promises to make a difference in a discipline as demanding as mountain biking, thanks to its unique features and its compatibility with all frames on the market.

Weight 105 grams

Made in Spain with aircraft aluminum 7075-T6 Using CNC machining, the INspider MTB has been developed with the performance and needs of the most demanding cyclists in mind.

This power meter features un weight reduced by 32%, with a final weight of 105 grams, and its new 100×4 BCD allows the use of chainrings with up to 30 teeth.

In addition, it presents a racing design with renewed aesthetics and off-road character, integrating harmoniously with the components of the bicycle.

En combination with KAPIC and KAPIC Carbon, it becomes one of the lightest options on the market.

The INspider MTB is suitable for all audiences, from beginning cyclists to those who push MTB to the limit.

highly resistant

This power meter is tougher than a rock, allowing riders to ride the roughest trails without worry.

Location of the power meter on the spider reduces chances of bumps or impacts, and its IP67 certification ensures tightness against dust, water and mud.

Accuracy is guaranteed with the INspider MTB, which offers measurement on both legs by sectors and is compatible with Q RINGS oval chainrings. In addition, its thermal compensation ensures precise values ​​in temperatures between -20ºC and 50ºC.

The perfect tool for performance

With ROTOR's own metrics such as OCA and OCP, and connectivity with ANT+ monitors and Bluetooth Smart, the INspider MTB is the perfect toolto know and improve the performance of the cyclist. Calibration is available with all cycle computers on the market.

Technical Specifications

Feature Options
Weight : 105g | 536g (with KAPIC Carbon 170, R34T & CL52)
bike type MTB
Connecting rod sizes available 165mm | 170mm | 175mm (KAPIC / KAPIC Carbon / REX)
Axis 30mm (KAPIC ® & KAPIC ® Carbon) | 24mm (REX)
chain line 52 mm | 55 mm | 56.5 mm
KAPIC® Carbon Boost CL52 (L135 axle) QF 169.5mm Boost CL55 (L141 axle) QF 175.5mm SuperboostCL56.5 (L144 axle) QF 178.5mm
KAPIC ® Standard CL49 (L135 axle) QF 163.5mm Boost CL52 (L141 axle) QF 169.5mm Boost CL55 (L147 axle) QF 175.5mm
BCD 100 × 4
type of dishes Oval Q RINGS | round plates
dish options 30T | 32T | 34T | 36T
Supported groups Shimano® | SRAM®
Type of measure Both legs (right-left combined)
power measurement Power | Cadence | Balance (estimated) | Torque 360 ​​| OCA (Optimum Chainring Angle)
Cadence measurement method Accelerometer
Precision + / - 1.5%
Battery life 350 hours (time in motion)
battery specifications Rechargeable Li-ion + cabUSB
Communication protocol ANT+TM 2.4Ghz | Bluetooth® Smart
Water resistance IP67
App ROTOR Power (Available on Apple Store & Google Play)
analysis software We recommend ROTOR Power App & TrainingPeaks®
Connectivity ANT+TM & Bluetooth® Smart compatible
cycle computers compatible
Material 7075-T6 CNC Aluminum – Black Anodized

Availability and prices

The INspider MTB will be available for purchase as of April 19 at 18:00 (CET), with purchase options and prices ranging from €89,90 for Q RINGS chainrings to €999 for the INspider MTB + KAPIC Carbon + Axle + Chainring bundle.


  • Price 100×4 plates: Q RINGS €89,90 | €79,90 round
  • INspider MTB: €449
  • Bundle INspider MTB + Chainring: €499
  • Bundle INspider MTB + KAPIC + Axle + Chainring: €799
  • Bundle INspider MTB + KAPIC Carbon + Axle + Chainring: €999

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