Black Friday week on Zycle rollers

The reference brand in the world of cycling rollers Zycle, will have during the week of Black Friday Up to 20% discount on several of their products.

Specifically, the reduced price will be applied to the rollers ZDrive y ZBike.

How long is the promotion?

The promotion of the Black Friday week will last from November 22 to 29

Discounted rollers


Is the first direct drive roller of the brand, that is, it does not use the bicycle wheel but is attached to the bike through the installation of a Cassete on the roller.

By not having the friction of the tire with the resistance of a normal roller, it makes less noise and offers very real pedaling sensations.

If you are an athlete who are you looking for maximum performance In training, have all the data controlled, have real sensations in each pedal stroke, the Smart ZDrive is your option.


This model is a perfect smart bike for a hybrid use between cycling and fitness.

Some of the most remarkable points of this type of bicycle is its reliable power measurement and integrated gearshift that you have on the handlebar.

If you are looking for a stationary bike to share at home, this is a great option because it can be adjusted to all kinds of people and sports.

Where to buy?

Zycle brand rollers can be purchased at specialized stores throughout the national territory.

Here you can find the list of stores

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