Polar H10, excellence in heart rate measurement

For more than 45 years, professionals in the field of medicine and sports have trusted the Polar heart rate sensors based on the ECG pulse recording system, measuring the heart rate and the electrical activity of the heart.

This provides the athlete with a accurate view of the intensity of your training. 

In sessions of high and low intensities with significant movements of the body, el polar sensor h10 measures the electrical signal of the heart and the intervals between beats with the same precision as a medical device, such as a Holter¹.

Polar H10 offers the possibility to record the heart rate variability (HRV).

This parameter is an indicator of the mechanisms of cardiovascular autonomic adaptation of the heart in endurance athletes.

At the same time, it reveals the health status of the athlete and helps him control the states of fatigue or overtraining.

Polar H10 guarantees maximum reliability in heart rate measurement in any sport. But not only that, but it offers multiple connectivity options, with dual simultaneous Bluetooth® Low Energy connection and 5Khz/ANT+ transmission.

This versatility allows the athlete connect the sensor with your smartphone, with gym machines, cycle computers and products from other brands.

The potential of Polar H10 is incredible.

polar sensor h10
Polar H10 sensor on an athlete

Su internal memory allows offline recording of a training session (up to 30 hours) that is stored on the device.

This is really useful for training where the athlete cannot wear a watch or smartphone, such as team sports or swimming.

After the exercise, the user easily synchronizes the stored data in a wide variety of fitness and sports applications.

The soft elastic Pro chest strap incorporates additional electrodes that improve the recording of the heart rate signal.

The system easy closure and non-slip silicone dots They facilitate the placement of the sensor on the chest and ensure maximum comfort throughout the training.

New premium versions

Polar today introduces new versions of premium heart rate sensor Polar H10.

Four more options are now added to the original in black, following current market trends with groundbreaking colors and designs that adapt to different styles: Red Beat, Black Crush, Stone Camo and Forest Camo.

The plain versions are engraved with motivational messages “DO IT WITH LOVE” and “TRACK IT. WEAR IT. CRUSH IT”, through which Polar transmits the user passion and enthusiasm for sport.

Polar H10 and its new color versions are the perfect choice for any athlete who wants to get the most out of their training, regulating intensity based on goals, with extremely accurate heart rate data.

Main functions of Polar H10

Polar H10 sensor in red
Polar H10 sensor in red
  • Elastic Pro chest strap textile designed to guarantee maximum comfort and optimal heart rate reading.
  • Internal Memory for a long training session (up to 30 hours) without the need to wear a watch or smartphone.
  • Replaceable battery with autonomy of up to 400h of training (or more than a year of training for one hour a day, every day).
  • Simultaneous Dual Bluetooth® Connection Low Energy and 5Khz transmission and Bluetooth®/ANT+.
  • Compatible with Polar Flow and multiple applications, cycle computers and gym machines.
  • Water resistant 30 m.

The new versions of Polar H10 are now available at polar.com and authorized stores at a MSRP of €90 (one size M-XXL).

The Pro chest strap elastics can also be purchased as an accessory (RRP €35).

More information: polar.com

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