Skechers' flagship shoe, the GOrun Speed ​​Elite ™ Hyper, improves agility and fit

Skechers Performance takes a quality leap in your offer for runners with the model Skechers GOrun Speed ​​Elite ™ Hyper, the ultralight star shoe of the American firm, for all runners with a high level and good running technique.

The slipper, originally exclusive to Skecher elite racerss, is designed to be as light as possible, allow a fast rate of return, and improve running economy.

These top-performance sports shoes are characterized by being fast, ultralight and offering the latest technology in technical running shoes, perfect for flat races.

It is undoubtedly the essential shoe for all those looking for a competition model of the highest technical level.

Designed to be as light as possible, allow a fast rate of performance and improve running economy, the Skechers Go Run Speed ​​Elite ™ Hyper, brings together the most celebrated and cutting-edge technologies from Skechers Performance.

Is the competition shoe of the highest technical level


The Skechers GOrun Speed ​​Elite ™ Hyper is the competition shoe of the highest technical level that Skechers Performance have on the market. Its Hyper Burst ™ system and its exclusive carbon fiber polymer infused sole make it one of the lightest, fastest and most original shoes in this category.

Developed after multiple biomechanical tests and with the input and experience of renowned elite athletes, it is designed to help runners transmit power to the ground with reduced energy loss, thus improving running economy.

In this way, the Skechers GOrun Speed ​​Elite Hyper has finally made this damping system, a success of Skechers, now available to all runners.

This Hyper Burst ™ midsole, which has allowed the Skechers GO Run Speed ​​Elite Hyper ™ to take a leap in quality over its competitors, is done using a “super critical” foaming process to create small compact spheres.

It is the lightest and strongest midsole foam Skechers Performance has offered to date. The unique cell structure is different from most other EVA foams that can be found on the market today.

In addition, the Skechers GO Run Speed ​​Elite Hyper ™ also features the new winglet plate Carbon-infused offering an extremely high stiffness-to-weight ratio and enhancing stability and energy return (the sides of the plate increase stiffness for explosive takeoffs, while its unique H-shaped design allows greater flexibility for smoother landings) and the durable Goodyear® performance outsole, in a fast and lightweight high-performance running shoe perfect for winning races.

It has a 4mm DROP and a weight of only 167g in men's size 42.

The Skechers Performance division was established in 2012 with Meb Keflezighi sporting the first Skechers GO Run® model, and since then the collection has earned respect around the world, in addition to numerous awards from the shoe industry.

Skechers elite runner Edward Cheserek already trains, competes and has won numerous races with the new Hyper Burst ™ midsole.

The Skechers GO Run® collection for men and women is available at Skechers retail stores and on, as well as select retail partners

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