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Strava launches the Family Plan, a shared annual subscription for athletes

Strava, the leading digital community for active people with more than 125 million athletes, has announced the launch of the Family Plan, a shared annual subscription plan that follows the line of the well-known Student Plan.

This new offer was revealed during the brand's annual event, Camp Strava, and aims to make fitness commitments more accessible to friends and communities.

El Family Plan is designed so that athletes can share their subscription with friends, family or training partners, as long as all members live in the same country and are not current subscribers.

This inclusive approach allows more people to benefit from Strava's premium tools, fostering greater motivation and connection among athletes.

A recent Strava study highlights that more than half of community athletes feel motivated by friends and family who also exercise, and 77% feel more connected when they can see their loved ones' activities on the platform.

In response to these findings, the Family Plan offers unlimited access to premium features that make training, competing and exploring both digitally and in real life easier.

Zipporah Allen, business director at Strava, commented: “The magic of Strava lies in the motivation found in our global community.

Our belief is that people keep people active and the new Family Plan makes it even easier to have a fitness commitment together. It's about more than just setting shared goals; “It’s about embracing shared passions and celebrating collective progress.”

Each member of the Family Plan Unlocks full access to a set of powerful features available through subscription, including:

  • Objectives: Set weekly goals to continue progressing, having fun, and holding each other accountable.
  • Training ideas: Easily understandable analysis of activity data to train and track progress.
  • Group challenges: Unlimited access to Group Challenges to fight for shared goals.
  • Routes: Create, discover and share routes to make planning group trips and adventures easier.

El Family Plan is available in 32 countries and allows athletes to share the subscription with up to three other people, as long as they are not current Strava subscribers and live in the same country.

The annual cost of Family Plan in Spain it is €89,99, which represents a saving of up to 50% compared to an individual subscription when shared between four people.

For more information about the Family Plan and how it can help you stay motivated with your friends, visit strava.com/family.

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