The 5 ASICS proposals for this season: this was the presentation for the press!

We were at the official presentation of the new 2020-2021 season

Kayano 27, GT2000, Noosa Tri, Novablast, Cumulus 22, Nimbus 22 and Glideride, the 5 proposals for this 2020-2021 season from ASICS

Reference media of Running, Trail running and triathlon we had the opportunity to attend last Friday morning at the official presentation of the new season 2020-2021 held in its ASICS Show Room in Madrid on an exclusive day for specialized press.

Improve your performance and avoid injuries, this is the goal

Various models of ASICS shoes
Various models of ASICS shoes

 The objective of this presentation was to explain how it is possible to find the perfect running shoe according to its type of foot and stride.

A factor that we must take into account if we want to avoid annoying injuries while enhancing and improving our running results.

So it was, we tell you in detail

After a briefing by a Brand Trainer, the attending journalists were given a tread test which consisted of running for 3 minutes on a treadmill at a speed of 10 km / h with special shoes.

A person from the ASICS staff was commissioned to record these images and then analyze the type of footprint: pronator, neutral or supinator.

Tread tread analysis
Tread tread analysis

The type of footprint along with information about training routines, kilometers per week, weight, previous injuries, etc. are the keys to determine what type of shoe was best suited to the runner analyzed

Gt2000, our shoe

 Based on these data, in our case, the shoe that best suited our tester was GT2000 model, designed for pronators but also with exceptional support, stability and ability to shock absorption.

 In this specific case the broker  I was looking for this stability in the tread having had previous knee injuries and some instability.

The result was that the GT2000 was the perfect model, also noted for its lightness and comfort, as well as great durability.

 ASICS and Triathlon

Fernando alarza, ASICS athlete
Fernando Alarza, ASICS athlete

ASICS is a benchmark brand in the world of running, there is no doubt about it.

However, we must also highlight its strong commitment to triathlon, with athletes of the stature of Jan Frodeno o Fernando Alarza, among others, which we have seen compete with different models of NOSA TRI,

If you want to know the details of the 5 models presented for the 2020-2021 season enter:

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