Skechers GOrun Supersonic Max: Cushioning and lightness to devour kilometers

Skechers, the renowned American brand, begins the season with the launch of the Skechers GOrun Supersonic Max, running shoes that promise to revolutionize the concept of comfort and performance.

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This model, designed for both men and women, is presented as the ideal option for those runners who look for exceptional cushioning and a lightness that allows them to add kilometers without giving up comfort.

Technology at the service of the broker

The GOrun Supersonic Max incorporates the latest in Skechers technology to offer an unmatched running experience.

Skechers GOrun Supersonic Max Heel Image
Skechers GOrun Supersonic Max Heel Image

La ULTRA GO® cushioning provides optimal energy return, propelling you forward with every stride and reducing muscle fatigue.

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La insole with Goga Mat™ technology offers additional cushioning and soft support for the arch of the foot, improving comfort with every impact.

But the real innovation lies in Hyper Arc™ biomechanical technology. Strategically located in the metatarsal area, this plate is precisely designed to adapt to the runner's natural stride.

By combining multiple arches from heel to toe, Hyper Arc™ facilitates a smoother transition, improving running efficiency and reducing the risk of injury.

In addition, the shoes have a Comfort Necklace which adds exceptional comfort around the heel, collar and tongue, improving fit and reducing friction.

Quality design and materials

The GOrun Supersonic Max's lightweight, breathable mesh upper ensures adequate ventilation, keeping your feet cool and dry during the most intense workouts.

 The flexible traction sole, for its part, provides a secure grip on different surfaces, adapting to the needs of each runner.

Image of the Skechers GOrun Supersonic Max
Image of the Skechers GOrun Supersonic Max

Technical Specifications

Feature Details
Drop 6 mm
heel height 2,5cm (man) / 3,8cm (woman)
Weight : 326 g (size 9 USA men) / 244 g (size 38 women)
Materials 100% vegan
Cushioning ULTRA GO®
Template Goga Max
Technology Hyper Arc™
Type of broker Neutral Stainless - Steel
ideal distance Medium and long (10 km and up)
Rhythm Medium-slow

Tested in Triathlon News: Our sensations

At Triathlon News we have had the opportunity to test the Skechers GOrun Supersonic Max on different terrains and distances, and our sensations could not be better.

The cushioning is truly amazing, absorbing impacts effectively and providing a constant feeling of comfort, even on long runs.

The lightness of the shoes is also notable, allowing for an agile and dynamic stride.

Image of the sole of the Skechers GOrun Supersonic Max
Image of the sole of the Skechers GOrun Supersonic Max

We especially value the Hyper Arc™ technology, which is noticeable in the fluidity of the stride transition.

In terms of breathability, the mesh upper part does its job, although on very hot days it could be improved.

Who are the Skechers GOrun Supersonic Max for?

These sneakers are perfect for neutral-footed runners who are looking for a maximum cushioning and a lightweight feel in your daily training.

They are especially suitable for long shoots at medium paces, where comfort and energy return are essential.

They are especially suitable for medium and long distances (10 km onwards),

Where to buy?

The Skechers GOrun Supersonic Max are now available on the official Skechers website and in specialized stores with an RRP of €90.



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