COMPEX AYRE compression boots test

An excellent quality / price option in this type of recovery therapy


From our point of view, the best quality / price option today in this type of recovery therapy. Ideal for the athlete who seeks to relieve muscle pain effectively after training and / or competition, and to achieve optimal recovery.

COMPEX AYRE is a recovery system that thanks to its intermittent pneumatic compression improves circulation and the lymphatic system, getting you ready to face the next training session.

And there is no doubt that COMPEX is a benchmark brand in the development of products focused on the athlete for which, since its inception, World Champions such as Mario Mola o Killian Jornet, among others.

For two years to date, COMPEX has opened its range of possibilities to offer different devices and help improve the athlete, both in the pre and in the post-training or competition. Today we put AYRE compression boots to the test.

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Complete kit of COMPEX Ayre compression boots

As soon as we raise the idea and receive the device, we are clear about the quality of the product as it is endorsed by its excellent track record in developing solutions, taking care of all aspects in detail and highlighting R&D, to which its careful design is always added. and pre and post sale attention.


Therapists, Coaches, elite athletes y lovers who seek to recover optimally after their workouts and relieve muscle pain.

And, at the level of health and well-being, also for those who seek improved circulation in their legs.


As is usual in the COMPEX brand, which, as we said before, takes care of even the smallest detail, presents the product in its own "briefcase", very simple to transport anywhere and with a robust finish that guarantees the protection of the electronic devices that the AYRE recovery boots have.


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COMPEX Ayre Compression Boots Loading Detail

Once opened, we find the boots and the charger (with necessary accessories to be able to connect it to the power in any country, a detail for those who compete in international events)

Putting on the boots is really comfortable as they are divided into two parts. Its design really surprises us and its fabric is robust as well as pleasant to the touch and very easy to clean.


Test COMPEX AYRE compression boots ,img_607a7a529ba9a
Implementation of the COMPEX Ayre
  • We introduce the legs in the boots (fix right and left correctly)
  • We adjust the boots with the zipper and the velcro that it has
  • You hold the On button
  • You choose the program (F1 or F2)
  • Sets the desired compression (up to 120 MMHG)
  • And that's it!

Despite being very simple and intuitive to use (which you can easily find out without reading any type of manual) the only "but" that we could put on these boots is that a flyer explaining its operation does not appear inside, but it is You can download from the web quickly and easily through this link:


Test COMPEX AYRE compression boots ,img_607a7a4c5a31e view COMPEX Ayre Compression Boots

A luxury of course.

Coming from a training session and being able to put on your boots is a feeling of rest really very pleasant, while you know that you are doing something useful for yourself, (without requiring any effort!) since they help eliminate waste from your body by improving lymphatic drainage and circulation.

Something that surely has happened to all of us is getting up really wanting to go to training, but having an exhausted body from previous sessions and not being able to perform as we would like.

Thanks to these recovery systems, that feeling is minimized to the maximum and we can face the following days with better guarantees and of course enjoying much more of each training.


Include a QR in the package or a flyer with the explanation of the programs so as not to have to go to the web, facilitating the first use.

Test COMPEX AYRE compression boots ,img_607a7a5a06b4a
COMPEX Ayre side view


Having separate structures for the upper and lower legs: If you have an injury or for any reason you only want to recover the lower or upper part of the legs, it is possible!

Having independent devices for each leg: This allows us to apply the degree of compression that we want in each of them as well as the program.

Its portability: Both for not needing to be connected to cables, and for the briefcase that is included in the purchase

Battery life: 3 hours. The recommended time for each recovery is 20 to 50 minutes, meaning that your battery could reach a week of use.

And of course, its price. From our point of view, the best quality / price solution in this type of technology, with enough programs (2) to be able to fulfill its role for amateur level and for professionals who want to start in this recovery therapy.

And its added value. And it is that the COMPEX brand has not only earned its reputation of "excellence" thanks to the highest quality products, but also a great team of professionals who are "behind the curtain", with personalized attention, where you can contact to answer questions even through their social networks. Always ready to help and solve any questions that the athlete may have.


  • Ease of use 9/10
  • Comfort 9/10
  • Design 10/10
  • Weight 10/10
  • 9/10 functionality

What comes in the product box?

Boots, charger and manual.

Price and sale

Recommended PVP: 599,99 €

You can buy them in: Official points of sale of the COMPEX Brand and on its own website:

Training Item Finder

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