We put the Zone 3 Aeroforce-X Triathlon Jumpsuit to the test

Technology and innovation at the service of the triathlete, Zone 3 in search of offering the fastest Trisuit in the world

 A few weeks ago, the reference mark in the design of garments and accessories in the triathlon world and open water swimming, Zone3 launched its market new creation: the Aeroforce-X trisuit.

The brand itselfhe called it "the fastest in the world", a statement that is supported by having passed various tests and have found that allows to "increase" the speed on the bike thanks to its great aerodynamics.

These tests have succeeded in speeds between 35-40 km / h in a wind tunnel.

This tri-suit has been developed, tested and manufactured through a collaboration between Zone3 and aerodynamic specialists Nopinz.

 First impression

The first sensations when touching it is its pthat light and the quality of its triathlon-specific fabric Quick drying and water repellent. When testing it se perfectly fits the body like a second skin.

Its seamless finishes gives the feeling of not wearing anything. In addition, it has a very useful front zipper and well finished so that you do not realize carrying it.

We put the Zone 3 Aeroforce-X Triathlon Suit to the test,img_5f0ab27ed7780

If it must be said that being "so second skin", when you see the jumpsuit your size looks like a little boy and it's hard to put it on, as well as take it off, but this "toll" is really worth paying with the compensation it offers.


Its design is very discrete y elegance, with black and gray colors. It is also available in blue.

It has cuts that adapt perfectly to the morphology and details such as the sleeve that give total freedom of movement and that are appreciated in the joint mobility for the swimming segment, or the system of the back pocket with closure to guarantee not to lose the gels, among other details.

We put the Zone 3 Aeroforce-X Triathlon Suit to the test,img_5f0ab266c88bf


The new Aeroforce-X fabric

This new fabric designed by Zone3, It has been strategically located in the shoulder areas to make it more flexible and breathable.

This layer minimizes air resistance and increases speed on the bike as demonstrated.

In addition, it has an rwater repellent coating which helps in the swimming segment

Armpit and sides

In the armpit and lateral areas, a similar fabric called AeroStripe that minimizes drag by increasing aerodynamics.

Aeroforce Soft-Touch: The chest area

The Aeroforce Soft-Touch material has been used for the chest area, It is very light, breathable and elastic,

It dries very fast and repels water, which helps in sliding in swimming.

Airflow fabric on the back

We put the Zone 3 Aeroforce-X Triathlon Suit to the test,img_5f0ab28c56936

It is located in the back area and has target body temperature control during the training

We put it to the test

In swimming

We put the Zone 3 Aeroforce-X triathlon suit to the test,img_5f0ab29594428

In water, the performance is good when adapting like a second skin, you do not notice that you are wearing it.

Thanks to its design in the shoulder area that offers great flexibility with a wide range of movements, allowing good swimmers perform to the maximum

For those who are not so good swimmers, thanks to their water repellent areas la sliding sensation increases, making this sector much more bearable.

In cycling

We put the Zone 3 Aeroforce-X Triathlon Suit to the test,img_5f0ab2a2b4d09

Although we do not have a "wind tunnel" to check the aerodynamics that the brand claims, we have made a test on a circuit, in the same conditions to see if it really improves on flat terrain, ups and downs and we have really been surprised.

The first, when it comes out of the water drying is very fast And when you start to sweat on the bike, the fabric continues to stay dry and generates an air flow to the back where there is a special fabric in the area of ​​the spine, which does something like expelling it.

Our feeling is that it maintains stable body temperature without feeling cold or hot.

We tested it during a 40 km bike ride with slides and on a windy day, the sensations are incredible.

The air you notice as it hits the legs and arms, but in the body area it is as if it does not exist, as if the air would come out from the sides "skating" for the fabric that does not oppose any resistance.

From analyze data with our performance in the Polar it was a 5% higher than in other outings of the same distance and in similar climatic conditions (1 km / h faster and with very good feelings)

Curiously, on the way back it was getting dark and at sunset the cold began to show in the legs and arms, but not in the body that was covered by the monkey.

On foot race

After riding the bike, we have tested the sensations of running with the trisuit, proving that, just like swimming, it was very comfortable, offering a wide range of movements and ventilationn as in the cycling segment, thus meeting the expectations of a top-of-the-range mono.

In conclusion

The new monkey of Zone3 Aeroforce X is a great option for those who are looking to have a high quality racing suit and that they bet on the cycling segment in competition, thanks to its excellent aerodynamics.

With very good performance in addition it is very comfortable and maintains a stable body temperature.

Add scores, PROS and CONS

  • Price quality 9
  • Materials 10
  • Slip swimming 8,5
  • Save time on cycling 10
  • Foot race 8,5
  • Sessions 10

Pros and cons


Unbeatable quality, total adaptation, fast drying and evident and truly proven performance improvement in the cycling segment.

Thought every seam and detail of the jumpsuit, we are pleasantly surprised by the system of the rear pockets, comfortable, large (we have even carried the phone without discomfort) and very safe to not lose anything.


It costs a bit to put it on and take it off when it's too tight, but it's really worth the "effort".

You have to have something "trained" to take the gels out of the back if you wear them in the cycling segment, but its locking system is very secure.

Where to buy?

The Zone 3 Aeroforce-X triathlon suit can be purchased through the official website:


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