ZYCLE SMART DRIVE Direct Drive Roller Test

The new direct drive roller from ZYCLE, SMART DRIVE It is a bet of the brand so that athletes can take another step in their training.

Thanks to its direct transmission system it offers very real sensations on top of the bicycle as it is directly attached to the roller, it also makes less noise y the power is better used with each pedal stroke.

In this article we do an analysis of the roller and we explain how to mount it.

What is a direct drive roller?

This type of roller does not have the bike tire rolling with the resistance motor, but rather attaches to the bike directly through the cassette roller (to be installed).

A difference with respect to electromagnetic rollers is that sometimes they "slip" if the pressure of the wheel or the tightening of the tire to the cylinder is not controlled when doing strong sessions. In those of direct transmission this does not happen.

Testing the Zycle SMART DRIVE
Testing the Zycle SMART DRIVE

How to mount the roller?

To assemble the roller the process may seem complicated, but it is very simple.

You only need 3 spanner or spanner tools, the cassette extraction key and adapter sleeve (included)

One thing to keep in mind that if you choose the option of buy a cassette If it is made of steel, you will have to monitor the condition of the chain more often, since it wears more with this type of material.

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Disassemble cassette from the bicycle

The process is very simple, you just have to have the wrench and the cassette extraction wrench with chain whip at hand.

Disassembling the Cassette from the bicycle
Disassembling the Cassette from the bicycle

On the one hand, you have to adjust the teeth of the chain tool with the cassette sprockets and insert the adapter

Then twist counterclockwise until it loosens and can be removed.

Carefully remove the cassette, then place it on the roller and tighten it again

Once fixed, put the bicycle meshing the chain with the cassette

The cassette installed in the Zdrive before tightening it
The cassette installed in the Zdrive before tightening it

In case that buy an extra cassette (recommended option) follow the same steps.

Roller sensations

Our feelings of testing him in a session with maximum slopes of 17,9% and maximum powers of 450 W are the following

  • Great stability
  • Minimum Noise
  • Very real sensations
  • It doesn't get very hot
  • Compatible with simulators like Bkool
  • It has built-in speed and cadence sensors

We did the test with the Bkool program that automatically detects the roller together with the speed and cadence sensors integrated in the roller as you can see in the image.

Bkool session with the Zycle Smart ZDRIVE trainer
Bkool session with the Zycle Smart ZDRIVE trainer

Roller session data

Bkool Session Data with the Zycle Smart ZDRIVE Roller
Bkool Session Data with the Zycle Smart ZDRIVE Roller


We also want to highlight some cool features

  • No need to calibrate
  • There is no loss of connection since it integrates with the PC thanks to a very long USB cable that is included.
  • When shifting gears there is a small wait that prevents an abrupt change, which makes the feeling of pedaling and the slopes and descents much more real
  • They can be put 26 '' and 29 '' wheels (adapter sleeves included) Mountain, Gravel, Disc, Conventional Road


With regards to compatibility with cassettes You should bear in mind that it is only compatible with Shimano and SRAM 8 to 11 speed cassettes, so if you have another group on your bike it may not be worth it.

The axle for the rear wheel is not included so you will have to use the one you have on the bike or buy a special one for this type of rollers.

It is important to have a good maintenance of both the roller and the transmission since if you do, the durability and use that you can make of the ZDRIVE can make it last a long time.

For what type of athletes is it recommended?

This roller is a great option for any cyclist or triathlete who needs more control of their training.

It is ideal for those who compete at a good level, have to do controlled training and report to their coach.

Where to buy?

The ZYCLE SMART ZDRIVE roller can be purchased through specialized cycling centers or large super

Its price RRP is € 699

More information on official website


If you are thinking of taking a leap in your Indoor cycling workouts and demanding the maximum of the direct drive roller Zycle SMART ZDRIVE is a great option for its characteristics and the quality price it has

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