SIGMA ROX 4 cycle computer test

Recientemente SIGMA has launched a new version of your GPS bike computers ROX series with ROX 2.0, ROX 4.0 and ROX 11.1 versions. EVO.

In this article we analyze the ROX 4.0 model, a great option quality price for training on the ideal bicycle for those athletes who want to go one step further in their outings.

Among some of his features we want to highlight are:

  • 30 training functions
  • Does not carry cables
  • Synchronization with the Smartphone
  • Height data, atmospheric pressure, slope%
  • Can be adjusted in 2 different positions on the bike
  • 25 hours duration
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For whom the SIMGA ROX .40 model is designed

This new model is ideal for cycling enthusiasts looking to have real-time data, route tracks, etc. at a first price.

What strengths does it have?

This model is easy to use, it has a fairly large screen (2,4 inches) that allows you to see the most important training data at a glance, it is compatible with other wireless sensors, it allows you to make routes through Komoot.

How to configure it?

The ROX 4.0 configuration process is very simple, but if it is the first time you use a device from the brand, we recommend that you follow the following steps.

Step 1, pair the ROX with the Smartphone.

At boot time, do the following

  • Press the ON button for 5 seconds
  • Select language
  • When the message Link the Smartphone appears, skip we will do it later from the APP
  • Install the SIGMA RIDE APP and follow the steps to configure it
  • Select the SIGMA ROX 4.0 and wait for the device's OK message

Step 2, Device configuration

Keep in mind that there are two 2 menus, the main menu and another short menu

If the device is not recording data, the main menu will be accessed, if it is recording the short menu will appear with more limited options.

What can you manage in the main menu?

Manage connections:

  • Mobile, sensors, E-bike,, Komoot,


  • Totals: you can define the distances you want to start with


  • The athlete's data


  • Language, metric units, etc. Time, date, auto pauses, wheel circumference

What can you manage in the short menu?

The following options appear in the short menu to modify on the fly

  • Altitude
  • Sensors
  • Auto pause
  • Sound
  • Notifications
  • Komoot

How to start a training?

First of all, we recommend that you configure the data of the dimension of the wheel, the athlete, etc. in the device and user menu.

Once this is done, starting training is very simple.

  • Press on the main button and turn on the device
  • Wait for the GPS OK message
  • Press the main button and start recording the session. (a pause icon will appear ”)
  • To end the session, press the main button again until the icon of a square appears
  • Press and hold the right side button to save your session
  • Synchronize the data with the SIGMA APP

Synchronize with Koomot

  • Download the application and register.
  • Synchronize the SIGMA RIDE app with Komoot
  • Access settings, Clould & Apss, select Komoot and synchronize.
  • If you have any route in Komoot they will appear in the Routes part of the App

Pair Kommot with the ROX X 4.0

  • Open the Komoot APP, click on settings, in connections use Bluetooth, search for SIGMA
  • In ROX 4.0, go to the connections menu, komoot and click on search
  • Wait for confirmation

To use the Koomot in the ROX, you just have to make sure that the ROX and the mobile are synchronized and select the route in Koomot, then you will see the indications on the screen.

Our sensations

SIGMA ROX 4 cycle computer test ,img_612e0ee547ff7

After using it, it seems to us a perfect device for those who want to start having control of their data in real time from the bicycle or who want to do routes or cycle tourism.

In the box, there are two accessories to place it on the bike, Butler on the stem and another with the classic mount on the handlebar or stem

In terms of ease of use, it is simple, although it takes a while to learn how to use it, but like all SIGMA products, it is a safe bet.

It is also compatible with other sensors such as Cadenciometer, HR meters, speedometers.

As for the cons that we have found, you can only connect to Strava, Komoot, Training Peaks but not to a service like Wikilock.

SIGMA ROX 4 cycle computer test ,img_612e0eee0ad6b

It has 3 versions, the ROX 4.0 (only the bike computer) the HR Set cyclocompturator, FC band and adjustment accessories) and the Sensor SET with the full range of sensors (speed, cadence, HR)

Where to buy?

The SIGMA ROX 4.0 can be purchased through the following links


Training Item Finder

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