Skechers GoRun Persistence test

In this article we analyze the new launch of the American brand Skechers, the sneakers GoRun Persistence with carbon plate.

They are some neutral shoes directed to middleweight runners and that reach the market with the idea of 鈥嬧媎emocratizing the use of the carbon plate for all athletes.

Complying with the brand's hallmark that positions it as a benchmark in comfort, it has excellent cushioning and a Goodyear sole, synonymous with quality.

in this model the HYPERBUST is not included in the midsole as in other models that Skechers presents for high performance, being in the case of GoRun Persistence its carbon sole the option it offers for those looking for a fast and responsive shoe.

Key features

The GoRun Persitence are sneakers perfect for workouts and runners who want to extend the distances in which they want to compete and seek the best performance, thanks to its carbon sole.

This shoe has Ultra Flight cushioning that helps absorb impacts as well as guaranteeing softness, lightness and response in each stride.

It also has the Hyper ARC technology, designed to adapt to all types of footprints and promote a more efficient run.

Su removable Arch Fit庐 insole It has a plantar arch support certified by podiatrists, which adapts perfectly to the runner's foot, reducing impact and improving weight distribution.

In addition, as usual in all Skechers models, it has the Goodyear庐 outsole  which guarantees its durability and stability on the asphalt.

Who is this shoe designed for?

The shoes are designed for medium-weight, medium-paced runners.

They are perfect for training and competitions for all types of distance, but we recommend them more for short and medium distance.

Technical data

  • Exclusive Skechers Arch Fit庐 insole with podiatrist-certified plantar arch support
  • Carbon-infused Pebax material.
  • Skechers HYPER ARC鈩 adapts to your stride to promote a smoother transition and a more efficient run
  • With ultralight ULTRA FLIGHT庐 cushioning with great energy return
  • Breathable technical mesh upper
  • Synthetic fabric with laces on the front
  • Sole height: 28mm and 34mm
  • Drop: 6 mm
  • Weight: Weight: 238g in a men's size 42

Previous Models

On other occasions we have been able to analyze the models of the GoRun family are the GO RUN RAZOR EXCESS,  GO RUN RAZOR + GO RUN RAZOR y GO RUN RAZOR 3. We recommend reading it so that you can compare all the models.

Our conclusion

The Skechers GoRun Persistence shoes are perfect for medium weight runners with a neutral footprint and medium rhythms who are looking for a carbon shoe for training without making a large outlay.

They are comfortable, light and perfect for short and medium distances.

With a price of 鈧140 Pvpr, it makes them affordable for all types of runners who are looking for a shoe with a carbon sole and want to advance the distance of their training.

Where to buy?

The new Skechers GoRun Persistence can be purchased at the Official Site or in specialty stores.

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