• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Trailguide, A free web of MTB routes through Europe arrives in Spain

The project shares user routes in MTB throughout Europe and is now in Spain and Portugal

Trailguide, of Norwegian origin already has more than 1.600 routes throughout Europe and it is accessible through the Smartphone or the computer

On the web you can find information about the type of route, difficulty, length, proximity, A description, images, map and a list of other nearby trails.

As the service is a web application, it will work on PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows phone, iPad and all other types of smart mobile equipment with screen and Internet access. Trailguide uses the GPS unit on your phone to find out where you are and where the nearest trails are.

More information in https://trailguide.net

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