Trek announces the new Émonda with a frame of less than 700 grams

The new Émonda SLR frame still weighs less than 700g,

The Trek ‑ Segafredo team wanted more speed and they have made it happen.

The tubes of the new Émonda have a aerodynamic design allowing riders to ride faster than they would have ever imagined both on the hills and on the flat

They knew that the aerodynamic shapes of the frames They increase speed both on slopes and on flat sections.

But also that normally, the aerodynamic shapes are heavier and offer less comfort, something that we could not accept in any way.

Taking this into account, the team set out to optimize the speed of the Émonda frame without compromising neither the lightness nor its excellent behavior. Spoiler: in addition to getting all this,They fell into designing their fastest climbing bike of all time.

Tube by tube optimization

Using HEEDS optimization software as a starting point to determine various options for tube shapes.

To find the lightest and fastest design, thousands of variables were taken into account and thousands of design iterations were analyzed for each of the tubes. In fact, each point on this graph represents a different box simulated by software.

The HEEDS analysis helped define the limit of optimal combinations of aerodynamics and weight, called the Pareto frontier; the curve created by the data points on the left side of the graph.

Its engineers analyzed the options, chose prototype combinations for further testing, and began the long process of striking the perfect balance between frame shape and excellent behavior.

To make our dream come true it was necessary to develop a new design of lighter carbon laminate.

They created and tested dozens of prototypes to figure out exactly how to build our new carbon laminate design, and finally one was born that was as light, strong and fast as we wanted. Thus was born the new OCLV 800 Series carbon.

Less than 700 grams

This new laminate allowed less material to be used, so the Émonda SLR continues to keep the weight below 700 grams and is faster than ever.

And most important of all, it behaves like an Émonda, a light, balanced and responsive bike.

Components designed to print speed

For a bike to be fast, it needs components that are fast, so we use HEEDS analysis to figure out the optimal aerodynamic ways to develop our new wheels, and our Bontrager Aeolus stem and handlebar system.

They have been specifically designed for the Émonda SLR and come standard on all SLR models.

Team Approved

The tests with prototypes and the evaluations carried out by the riders of the Trek-Segafredo were essential in shaping the Émonda perfectly.

Now they will be able to compete with a bicycle that offers excellent behavior and has been designed to be faster on any terrain.

It is the fastest climbing bike the brand has ever made, but they are also sure that when athletes try it they will say it is the fastest in the world.

The Émonda Range

Treck has several models of these bikes that range from € 1.599 for the Émonda ALR 4 Disc to € 10.999 for the Émonda SLR 9

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