Trek launches the new Domane + ALR, an electric road bike

Just activate the Fazua motor to get a boost

The new Trek Domane + ALR It is a fast and light electric road bike that has been designed with the same free spirit as the traditional Domane.

Just activate the Fazua engine to receive a momentum on climbs, sprints and the windy routes.

This electric road bike made of aluminum it's fast and light, and it behaves like a conventional road bike, albeit with an extra dose of power.

  • Autonomy: Up to 104 kilometers
  • Battery : 250 Wh, charges in 3 hours
  • Maximum assistance: 25 km / h
  • Weight15,1 kg
  • PVPR: € 3.999
Trek Domane + ALR
Trek Domane + ALR

Fazua hidden engine

The Fazua system is integrated into the frame and offers no resistance when deactivated or when the maximum level of assistance is passed.

Fazua hidden engine
Fazua hidden engine

Simply activate the hidden Fazua motor for subtle on-demand assistance to climb tough slopes and travel long distances.

Made from high-quality Alpha Aluminum instead of carbon fiber, the Domane + ALR is our most affordable road e-bike.

Trek Domane + ALR control led
Trek Domane + ALR control led

Removable drivepack

The Fazua motor and battery can be conveniently removed at home and when not installed the Domane + LT can be used as a standard road bike.

Removable drivepack
Removable drivepack

Premium alloy frame

The aluminum frame has smooth welds, internal cable routing and a wheel arch that supports the use of tires up to 38mm for added stability.

Domane + ALR Features
Domane + ALR Features

For all cyclists

The Domane + ALR is equipped with an enduro geometry that allows you to pedal with power, control and comfort on the longest rides.

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4 New From 440,44 €
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