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Three basic Geek for Triathlon trips

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If you are one of those who like to combine travel and sport, these three products will save your life on more than one occasion.

When we organize all the material that will be used in a triathlon, sometimes we forget what we will need so that everything works perfectly on the day of the test, during the trip or during the stay in our destination.

El GPS watch, la video camera, the smartphone, computer... any of these accessories, you may run out of battery at some point, and without realizing that we do not have the charger the trip can annoy us. For that reason, we bring you three products so that you can put them Yes or yes in your Check List.

Universal Plug

material_08_enchufe-universal Three basic Geek for Triathlon trips Articles Sports equipment

Works all over the world: compatible with more than 150 countries in the world in the United States, Germany, Europe, France, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, China, Australia and Spain. With its two USB ports, forget about carrying millions of chargers on top. In addition, it is compatible with fast charging devices (maximum current: 2.4A).

Compact size and careful design to the millimeter. Light and safe: fireproof and with fuse protection. It will be your inseparable travel companion!

Its usual price is 13,99 €, but if you buy it today before the 18: 00, it will come out for only 11 € with free shipping costs.

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Multiple Cable

material_08_enchufe-multiple Three basic Geek for trips of the Triathlete Articles Sports equipment

If the universal socket is Don Quixote, the multiple cable is Sancho Panza. Neither carry 5 chargers in the backpack, nor 10 cables with a different plug each. With the multiple cable for fast charging you can charge Android and iOS devices, and much more, thanks to its three ports: USB Type C, Lightning and Micro USB. It is made of braided nylon with a length of 1.2m. Flexible, resistant and durable. Thanks to its copper core, it has a performance of an 30% more than the other cables.

Usually, it has a price of 19,99 €, but it is temporarily reduced to 11,99 €.

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Power Bank

material_08_power-bank Three basic Geek for Triathlon trips Articles Sports equipment

Also known as External Battery. And we have to recognize it, even if we go with the mobile phone from home (or hotel) to 100%, we eat the battery in a matter of hours: GPS, photos, videos, selfies, stories, Candy Crush and a long etc. Therefore, this external battery (which is the best sold Amazon) will give you the peace of mind that you will have a mobile (or other device) for the entire day, whatever you do.

Do not be scared of your fast charge if you have a device that is not compatible, because it automatically detects the fastest load accepted by each device and adjusts to it up to the 3.4A. 20.000 mAh of capacity, that speaking in silver means that you can charge a Smartphone or Tablet up to 3 times to 100%. In addition, you can charge two devices at the same time. Can you ask for more?

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Do not resist anymore, get the Traveler Geek Kit now for just 40 €!

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