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The best 3 GPS watches for triathletes

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GPS watches have taken such an indispensable position in our training routine that we no longer know what life was like before they existed. Therefore, it is so important to choose the model that best suits your needs.

If you are thinking of renewing your GPS watch or buying one for the first time, you will probably have been overwhelmed by the large number of brands, models, distributors and prices. You may ask yourself: do I really need all these characteristics? Is this model the most recommended for the sport I practice? Well, let's try to lend a hand with all the dudillas that may have come up.

To facilitate the task that we have proposed, we have chosen three models of the most outstanding brands in the market. These are the favorites of the triathletes, and in our opinion, they are not wrong!

Garmin Forerunner 935

Garmin Forerunner 935

It serves both for race and for Triathlon. These are its most striking features:

  • Multisport: with advanced functions for each of those available.
  • 49 grams of weight: take it throughout the day without hardly realizing it.
  • Are you training at your optimum level ?: the clock will warn you, monitor and evaluate your performance.
  • The more information, the better: contact time with the ground, length of the stride, verticality ratio ... Dynamics data available in the race, cycling and swimming.
  • Take it all day, every day: up to 2 weeks of autonomy in "clock mode". If you use it as a GPS, your battery will last 24 hours. If you use it with heart rate sensor on the wrist: 60 hours of autonomy.
  • If you are coquettish, you will like this: wide range of interchangeable belts, manufactured in different materials.
  • And the most interesting from the point of view of the triathletes: its "Multisport" function allows you to change sports by pressing a button.

Amazon sale price: 492,99 €

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Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR

  Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR

Again we have a high-end multisport device, which has a number of very attractive features:

  • You can not ask for more:
    • Lightweight but robust construction.
    • Touch screen
    • Heart rate sensor integrated in the wrist (although you can buy it with chest band, if you prefer).
    • Submersible up to 100 meters.
    • Autonomy of up to 16 hours in training mode.
  • Train your way, wherever you are: you can send and receive training remotely from a device thanks to the software provided by Suunto.
  • Improve your performance: thanks to the notices and notifications that the watch will send you during your training to inform you about the rhythm you have.
  • Learn and share: thanks to the community and Suunto Movescount applications you can show your progress and learn from what other athletes do.

Amazon sale price: 342,16 €

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Polar V800

Polar V 800

We are now with the multisport version of Polar. The brand itself defines it as "Professional athletes who want to achieve maximum performance ". Let's know:

  • Do not miss ... Nothing !: your fast and precise GPS will allow you to be aware of speed, distance and route.
  • The TRUE Multisport: and is that depending on the sport you choose you will have a series of indications and parameters to train each one with maximum efficiency.
  • Your swimming partner: submersible up to 30 meters, your heart rate sensor will also monitor you underwater (both in the pool and in open water).
  • Provisional watch, is worth two: and is that, based on the data of your workouts, will make a prediction of the time it will take to complete races, marathons ...
  • There is much to discover: thanks to the Polar community, you can discover and import new routes in your Polar.
  • Do you know when to stop ?: The V800 helps you find the balance between training and rest.
  • Your performance within reach of your wrist: this watch records all your information and helps you analyze it to know your progress and plan your training routines based on these.

Amazon sale price: 277,99 € (with heart rate sensor for chest included)

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These are the favorite Triathlon News devices. Tell us, with which one do you stay?

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