We tested the ZOOT ULTRA TT 6

The Ulta TT 6.0 can be used for Sprint or Olympic Triathlon, but they are perfect for Medium Distance tests


Today, one of the latest models developed by Zoot, the "Ultra TT 6.0"It's a luxury to be able to try them!



Just unpack the box we found some really awesome sneakerss: Good materials and care in the finishes What more could you ask?


Zatapilllas Zoot Ultra TT


Accustomed to the system of automatic closing with ZOOT sneakers to speed up transitions, we realize the detail they have put this time, and it is to create the seams of "oblique shape"Following the shape of the foot, which offers a better adaptation to the shape of it.


Zatapilllas Zoot Ultra TT


When introducing the foot, we see that it also has a soft fabric that completely covers its interior without any seam, this detail makes you do not need socks, which greatly speeds up the time in transition, It also guarantees that you do not have a blister once the competition is over.

As a novelty perhaps you can see that the sole is created with a single piece of "EVA rubber"Pressed, which gives a great cushioning in the race. This sole also contains in the lower area a thin sheet of carbon fiber, which gives rigidity to the shoe while boosting its flexibility. A sneaker that besides giving a cushioning sensation gives us a "Energy" extra with which other shoes do not count.

What is the shoe itself, has a breathable fabric with small perforations to remove moisture and heat.

Another noteworthy aspect are also the small perforations in the lower part of the sole, created with the aim of giving more breathability, because when you compete in middle distance, at the end the foot ends up sweating and all the water that is expelled is less weight than it takes to the hour of the competition Simple right? And at the same time, a breakthrough!


Zatapilllas Zoot Ultra TT


In summary, this Sneaker is ideal for workouts but above all for competition, since it greatly speeds up the transition times. Can be used for Sprint u Olympic being perfect for tests of Middle distance: a very versatile shoe that offers very good sensations in the race!

Test Performed by: www.triatlonnoticias.com

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