Unboxing Sigma ID.TRI GPS Watch, specific for trialton

This SIGMA watch is specifically designed for the triathlete

This week we have received in writing the SIGMA watch, designed specifically for the triathlete, the ID.TRI

SIGMA SPORT It is well known in the world of cycling, as it is one of the reference brands and synonymous with quality in all its products. Luckily, you have now thought about triathletes.

What does the Neon Green ID.TRI Set include?

  • GPS watch
  • Power cord
  • Sensor and tape for cardiac measurement by ANT +
  • Sensor and anchoring accessories for the bicycle (cadence and speed measurement  by ANT + and Bluetooth Smart.)

How is it?

Unboxing Sigma ID.TRI
Unboxing Sigma ID.TRI


  • 100% designed for the triathlete, sports profiles already configured
  • Very light, small (even fits neoprene) and well designed
  • As for its use, at first glance it takes a step in ease of use, intuitive, uncomplicated and ready to use
  • We have been struck by the accident alert where it detects if you have fallen and gives you 30 seconds to confirm that everything is ok, if not, it will automatically send an SMS with your data through your Smartphone.
  • Easy navigation system with Komoot
  • ANT + technology, Bluetooth Smart

If you want to know more about him ID.TRI Neon Green visit the official page 

We will shortly publish an in-depth test of the watch.

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