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Do you wear goggles for swimming in the pool or open water? We analyze in detail 2 Zone3 models

We analyze the Volare models for indoors and the Attacks for outdoors with polarized lenses

From we analyze in detail 2 models of swimming goggles Zone3, One indoor pool with the possibility of using it in open water thanks to its 100% UVA protection, and other outdoor with polarized lenses to avoid glare.


Zome3 Volare swimming goggles
Zome3 Volare swimming goggles

This Zone3 model uses an ultra low profile design to keep you hydrodynamic in the pool. The key elements that make these glasses so popular are the ultra soft silicone eye gaskets and the extremely comfortable shape that ensures a great fit It helps reduce red suction marks around the eyes after swimming.

In addition this model has Jet Mirror lenses that provide a 100% UVA / B protection and have a anti-fog treatment to ensure the best visibility long after long.


  • Designer glasses low profile Special for the pool.
  • Ultra soft silicone seals They ensure an excellent fit, help reduce red suction marks around the eyes after swimming.
  • Jet Mirror lenses that ensure a fantastic view in the pool.
  • Belt de easy adjustment With an adjustable closure.
  • Crystals with tranti-fogging and protection 100% UVA / UVB.


  • PVPr: 39.00
  • 33.15 SALE

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Zome3 Attack swimming goggles
Zome3 Attack swimming goggles

This model is Suitable for use both in indoor and outdoor poolsAs for open waters. Lpolarized curved entities ensure a fantastic vision in any light condition, also having a reflective outer lens.

This glasses they are extremely soft and flexibleThis significantly helps minimize the chance of serious injury if accidentally hit during competition. They are also easy to adjust They have a two-piece head strap for a better fit. Also, they have ranti-fog coating and offer a 100% UVA / UVB protection.

As a last detail and like the other ZONE3 models they have ultra soft silicone membranes and an extremely comfortable way that guarantees a perfect fit and helps reduce red suction marks around the eyes after swimming.


  • Comfort thanks to its ultra soft silicone
  • Polarized lenses for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Anti-fog and UVA protection.


  • PVPr: 29.00
  • SALE: 24,65

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