VÍctor Arroyo, Spanish LD triathlon champion, analyzes the new POLAR Pacer Pro

The Madrid triathlete Víctor Arroyo, revalidated his title of Champion of Spain LD in the past TRADE INN, where he achieved a clear victory highlighting his career on foot.

Thanks to Polar we analyze triathlon news, from the point of view of the coach and triathlete Victor Arroyo, the new brand watch PacerPro announced by the Finnish brand only a few weeks ago.

The new Polar Pacer PRO

Polar has not ceased to surprise in recent years with the launch of new segmented models for types of athletes and levels, also offering different ranges depending on the level of requirements and demands of the triathlete.

After the TOP model that we analyzed from the range VANTAGE (the V2) that included all the necessary functionalities for a very demanding triathlete, now POLAR surprises us with the PACER SERIES range, presenting two new devices "POLAR PACER AND POLAR PACER PRO".

Victor Arroyo on goal
Victor Arroyo on goal

Who is it intended for?

PACER PRO fits for any athlete. A perfect quality/price option to accompany you on a day-to-day basis and help you achieve your goals.

A very versatile model, which includes the functionalities that a triathlete needs who wants to improve their performance, with which training and recovery data can be monitored, while offering a discreet, comfortable, elegant design and a really affordable price.

the new POLAR Pacer Pro
the new POLAR Pacer Pro

Highlights for the triathlete

After using it for a few weeks, as well as in competition, Victor Arroyo highlights these features in the new model.

  • Comfort and premium materials: In addition to feeling very light on the wrist and comfortable even with the neoprene, we can visualize the data very easily, and it is that even with a lot of light outside they are read very well, good screen quality and the numbers are read "of cinema ”.
  • Accuracy in recording pulses on the wrist: great precision both outside and inside the water (in swimming pool and open water).
  • Power Measurement:
  • Power log on the wrist that serves as a reference and helps us control workloads regardless of the terrain.
  • Route tracking and turn-by-turn directions: ability to import routes in GPX or TCX format and receive turn-by-turn directions directly on the watch.
  • Performance tests in running and cycling: allows you to track your progress and customize your power, heart rate and speed zones. Also, in cycling it will show you the functional threshold power (FTP) (requires a compatible power meter).
  • Energy sources: Thanks to this functionality we can control energy expenditure and divide energy consumption into carbohydrates, fats and proteins in each of the three sports and set hydration and food reminders.
  • Data: In addition to the usual ones in this type of watches (distance, speed...), the Pacer Pro model automatically records each ascent and descent, giving a very detailed analysis of each slope on the route.
  • Sleep recording and overnight recovery: It has an automatic registry that helps us to understand how much we have slept and if we have recovered correctly during the night.
  • Battery: Great durability, you can do a long distance event, like IRONMAN without worrying with a 50% recharged battery.
  • Smartwatch functions: mobile notifications, music controls and time and weather.

Victor Arroyo's analysis

When they told me that I would have the opportunity to test the new Polar watch, what caught my attention the most was the estimation of power on the wrist for running, the pulse recording while swimming, the low weight of the watch and its shape and its smart records of sleep quality while you sleep.

Victor Arroyo and Judith Corachán
Victor Arroyo and Judith Corachán

Segment analysis


Due to its shape and weight it is perfect for swimming without a wetsuit. With neoprene over the watch you don't even know you're wearing it. In addition, the new flat optical pulse sensor fits perfectly on the skin.

What I like the most is being able to see my rhythms, times and distance along with the pulse record, both in real time and the average pulse of the session in open water and in the pool.

Polar Pacer Series also register the SWOLF that will allow us to improve swimming efficiency.


By bike, due to its shape it is comfortable to wear even when you put your wrists together in the couplings of the Triathlon bike.

It does not bother, even if you carry an extra device on the bike in your arms. Excellent GPS accuracy and its light weight is worth carrying as a first choice for data logging or

or as a secondary using the sensor mode to transmit the pulse to third-party devices. Pacer Pro links with sensors for cadence, speed, power and records everything you want. It is the best option for long runs due to its long battery life.

Victor Arroyo on the bike
Victor Arroyo on the bike


As happened in the water and on the bike, you have to see if you wear it because it doesn't bother you and it's very comfortable.

The distance data is very precise, the watch does not lose the GPS signal in areas where other devices can give us unrealistic rhythm data or lose the signal.

Estimated running power from the wrist allows me to work seamlessly with them in estimating functional power thresholds and running power intensity zones regardless of elevation gain

Victor Arroyo running
Victor Arroyo running


Very easy, comfortable and fast, with just one button you change sports. The change of sport is done automatically and also records the time of transitions. Only two buttons are needed to complete the entire process.

You can mechanize the registration by practicing it the afternoon before the race or even do transition training with the watch


Data is quickly and conveniently synced to the Polar Flow app, automatically or manually, by pressing a button on the watch.

Once in the app you can see all the data and even link your profile with third-party applications and transfer the workouts or share them with friends or with your coach. It also allows you to easily export the file of each session to be able to observe each of the details in detail. data and not miss a thing.

Performance during the test

During the test the most outstanding segment was the foot race. In this table you can see, as an example, the data provided by the Polar Flow platform through its app, which includes: heart rate, distance, race pace, power, cadence, altitude and average values ​​of the session .

Race on foot

Foot race data
Foot race data

Final conclusions

The watch amply meets all the demands triathletes have today. It is highly recommended whether you are just starting out in the world of triathlon data, or if you are an advanced triathlete who likes to record everything.

You can record heart rate data directly using the optical sensor or with the H10, H9 or Verity sense pulse band.

Nowadays coaches are data analysts and the more data an athlete records, the better we can work with him to achieve success, this helps us a lot to make decisions during the season and Polar Pacer Pro helps us collect everything in a single device. necessary to make us better triathletes.


Polar Pacer Pro: Size: 45x45x11,5mm | Weight: 41g with strap, 23g without strap | WR 50m

Polar Pacer: Size: 45x45x11,5mm | Weight: 40g with strap, 23g without strap | WR 50m.

Pacer Series are compatible with Polar H10, H9 and Verity Sense heart rate sensors


Pace Pro:

  • PVPR: 299.90 €
  • Colors: black, white-red, burgundy, blue and green.


  • PVPR: 199.90 €.
  • Colors: black, white, green, lilac.

* Green Polar Pacer Pro and Cream Polar Pacer will not be available until mid-June.

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