You can now order a Specialized Shiv Disc, stop being a limited edition

Until now the new Specialized Shiv Disc bike was just a limited edition S-Works complete bike

So far the new bike Specialized Shiv Disc it was just a limited edition of the complete S-Works bike, which was available in limited units globally just for those who made a pre-order

Once these triathletes have already received their S-Works Shiv Disc LTD, it is time to introduce S-Works bikes on the 2020 line, together with an Expert model, which may be included in the August program, just like him S-Works Module box, that can be programmed in September.

El incredibly aerodynamic FACT carbon frame, not legal according to the ICU and optimized for crosswinds has all the details.

It can be put in a case, is adjustable, counts with hydration and nutrition systems Fuelcell, and will allow you to find the perfect adaptation in a simple way.

Compared to the fastest possible Shiv configuration of 2011 (Fuelcell, low handlebar, clean cable routing, BTA drum), the Shiv Disc is almost a minute faster in Kona.

Hydration Fuelcell will be hidden

The Hydration Fuelcell has been transferred from inside the frame to the rear of the bike. Is now totally hidden inside the box (even the hydration hose), which offers not only greater capacity for fluids, but also helps from the aerodynamic point of view.

The Fuelcell nutrition uses the additional volume created by the "New Shape of Speed" for the lower tube and this creates a lot of room for food introduction.

10-12 gels, 4-5 bars, or 5-6 chewable fit easily, and can also be removed for easy access to the Shimano Di2 A-Junction Box or a puncture repair kit

4 different frame sizes

The frame is available in four different sizes based on more than 1.000 Retül positions taken with real athletes, all to ensure an ideal adaptation.

The Shiv Finder tool makes it easy to determine your size based on your current position, so getting the most powerful aerodynamic position will be very simple.

The Aerobars, with a large adjustment capacity

The adjustment capacity of the Aerobars, extensions and arm pads also occupied the head of the list, so the driving position can be adjusted in almost any way.

Simply loosen a screw on each side and tilt it up or down. The aerobars, on the other hand, also offer great capacity for adjustment (forward, backward and support width), all with relaxed and aggressive positions in mind.

In addition, ease of transport is added to these adjustment options

All you have to do is fold the base towards the fork, unscrew the driving position and your Shiv will be ready to put in its case. We could not have made it easier.


You can now order a Specialized Shiv Disc, it is no longer a limited edition, image003
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